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Hamlet, By William Shakespeare - 892 Words

One of Shakespeare’s most compelling plays would arguably be Hamlet. Throughout the years, scholars have written countless analysis’ of the play and the characters presented within the text. One of the most enigmatic characters is Ophelia, daughter of Polonius, sister of Laertes and one could argue the lover of Hamlet. Her background is unknown which makes for an interesting canvas for readers, actresses and academics to paint upon. She is a sweet, innocent young woman, subject to the rules of the men in her life as a result of her gender, she is to be subservient despite any contradictory feelings she might possess. Her relationship to Hamlet is a subject that many have pondered upon. Did Hamlet truly love the fair Ophelia? His harsh words and actions towards the young maiden are unforgiving despite his passionate words the young prince uttered while standing in her grave. The debate about their relationship and the lack of any defining characteristics of Ophelia herse lf has become a popular topic and it is one that shall be discussed within this paper. A question that has been asked for decades is did Hamlet truly love Ophelia? Certainly his mannerisms when he approaches her in her bedchamber, his state of dress disheveled, his manner wild and distressing gives the indication that her refusal to see him and her rejection of his letters indicate a man who is suffering from his affections being denied and spurned. When the play opens we do not see Hamlet as Ophelia’s loverShow MoreRelatedHamlet, By William Shakespeare880 Words   |  4 PagesWilliam Shakespeare is praised as the pioneering English poet and playwright whose collection of theatrical works is regarded as the greatest artistic value throughout the history of English literature. Shakespeare delved into the spiritual and mental component of humanity and the consequences that arise from this human spirit when it is disputed. The most famous revenge tragedy play, Hamlet, is an exc ellent illustration of Shakespeare’s philosophical study of human nature. In Hamlet, the arguableRead MoreHamlet, By William Shakespeare899 Words   |  4 PagesWilliam Shakespeare, author of Hamlet, was a well-known author in the 1500s and is still popular today. He was born on April 24, 1564 in London, England. Although there were no birth records at that time, it shows he was baptized one year prior to that, which leads us to believe his birthday was in 1564 because children were normally baptized a year after their birth. Shakespeare’s writing style was very different than others at that time. He used many metaphors and rhetorical phrases, and most ofRead MoreHamlet, By William Shakespeare996 Words   |  4 PagesHamlet, written by William Shakespeare, with out a doubt holds the most famous soliloquy in English history spoken by Hamlet in Act III, scene i, lines 57-90. This soliloquy holds much importance to the play as a whole because it ties together the reoccu rring themes of suicide and Hamlet’s inaction portrayed by Shakespeare. Hamlet poses a problem, which is the driving force of the play: â€Å"To be or not to be?†(III.i.57). Shakespeare uses this logical question asked by Hamlet to drive out his underlyingRead MoreHamlet, By William Shakespeare1178 Words   |  5 Pages In William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, the protagonist suffers from struggles with major characters, especially with the women in his life. While reading the play Hamlet, Hamlet appears to be a disillusioned man. Throughout the play, Shakespeare has only casted two females: Gertrude and Ophelia. Gertrude is defined to be incestuous, naà ¯ve and cold-hearted. On the other side, Ophelia is characterized to be ignorant, innocent and fearful. After the quick marriage of his mother and evil uncle, Hamlet’sRead MoreHamlet, By William Shakespeare1308 Words   |  6 PagesHamlet is arguably one of the greatest tragedies in all of literature and when most people think of tragic plays, they think of none other than the one who wrote it, William Shakespeare. This classic story of revenge excites it’s readers with its main character, Prince Hamlet, who goes through the unique human-like process of revenge that is often overlooked. Many other stories rely heavily on the logi c of good people doing good things and bad people doing bad things just for the sake of their natureRead MoreHamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay1453 Words   |  6 PagesHamlet by William Shakespeare explores many aspects of mankind--death, betrayal, love, and mourning. Out of these, the most prominent theme in this play is death in the form of suicide. The main character, Hamlet, finds himself questioning the quality of life and the uncertainty of the afterlife once he discovers news of his father s death and the corruption in the kingdom that follows. Ophelia, Hamlet’s lover, is found dead later in the plot and is presumed to have committed suicide. In Hamlet’sRead MoreHamlet, By William Shakespeare1146 Words   |  5 PagesA character so complex, enticing and fascinating, his name is Hamlet. We are all Hamlet, and that, is the argument. Hamlet is an enigmatic character with many flaws. These flaws are the ones that prove similarities between us and him. A play so popular and significant is due to its huge relevance to us as a society. In the play Hamlet, William Shakespeare uses Hamlet’s character and metaphor to demonstrate that when one is left alone to their thoughts, these thoughts overtake reason. ConsequentlyRead MoreHamlet by William Shakespeare1456 Words   |  6 PagesThe play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, takes place in a time where the impossible was a part of the lives of everyday people. Occurrences that people in the modern time would believe unbelievable. Yet, with just a quill and parchment Shakespeare’s is able to connect the past and present by weaving a plot with skill that is still unparalleled to this day. The play Hamlet this exceeds this expectation by revealing depth of Hamlets, the protagonists, character personality through the useRead MoreHamlet, By William Shakespeare1920 Words   |  8 PagesIn the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the character Hamlet must deal with both external and internal conflict. Hamlet encounters many struggles and has trouble finding a way to deal with them. With so many corrupt people in his life, Hamlet feels as if there is no one that he can trust and begins to isolate himself from others. A result from this isolation leads Hamlet to become melancholy. Hamlet struggles with suicidal thoughts, wants to kill King Claudius, and is distraught over his mother’sRead MoreHamlet, By William Shakespeare846 Words   |  4 Pagesalways been a contemplative topic. In Hamlet, the main character Hamlet thinks to himself about suicide. Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare wrote Hamlet between 1599 and 1602. William Shakespeare is one of the greatest playwrights in history. Hamlet is about Prince Hamlet of Denmark who is trying to find out about the death of his father after his father s ‘ghost’ comes to him telling him it was his uncle who had killed him. While Hamlet contemplates suicide he gives his famous

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The s Mother, Kine Thiam - 959 Words

Born as Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam, â€Å"Akon† was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on April 16, 1973, the son of Senegalese parents who traveled to the United States for his birth in order to ensure that future immigration would not be a problem for them. His family returned to Dakar, Senegal, in West Africa, when Akon was young and lived there until he was seven years old, when they moved back to the United States. He had a difficult time adjusting to life in the United States. Akon’s mother, Kine Thiam, is a dancer; his father, Mor Thiam, whom is a well-known as a jazz percussionist. From Akon’s influence from his parent, Akon had a strong love for music from an early age. After growing up in Jersey City, New Jersey, Akon began singing and performing as a teenager. Surrounded by music at home, Akon developed an early appreciation of various types of music, and he grasped influence from Stevie Wonder and Phil Collins to Steely Dan. As a teenager he grew to love hip-hop music, and he began writing songs, blending RB lyrics with hip-hop beat structures. Though he showed an early musical talent, Akon did not believe he would succeed as a recording artist, and at a young age he turned to crime to make ends meet such as: gang banging and drug procession. After dropping out of high school, Akon moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he specialized in stealing high end automobiles, selling them, selling drugs, and gun activities. After multiple attempts of auto theft, his criminal

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The Value Profile of Bulgarians According to Hall and Hofstede Essay Sample free essay sample

When we talk about intercultural communicating. we consider civilization as a set of beliefs. moralss and values that determine the behaviour of states. Edward T. Hall divided civilizations harmonizing to their ways of pass oning. into high-context and low-context civilizations. Low-context civilizations are civilizations. which need expressed verbal words and information. in order to to the full understand the message. On the other manus a high-context civilization is a civilization where there is a batch of information environing the explicit verbal message. Peoples from a high context civilizations. and Bulgarians are one of them. frequently send more information implicitly. hold a wider web of household. friends. co-workers. clients and are maintaining themselves up to day of the month with the people of import to them. and therefore be given to remain good informed on many topics. How we use clip is one of the most indifferent and certain ways to specify cultural differences har monizing to Hall. We will write a custom essay sample on The Value Profile of Bulgarians According to Hall and Hofstede Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Societies perceive and usage clip otherwise. doing struggles when spouses lack understanding of their cultural differences. Americans. defined as monochronic. pay attending to one thing at a clip. position clip linearly. and agenda and value clip otherwise than make polychronic people. They require more information. adhere to a program of action. and stress promptitude. Conversely. polychronic people. such as Bulgarians. are more time-flexible. execute many undertakings at one time. alteration programs frequently and easy. be given to construct lifetime relationships. and basal promptitude on relationships. When it comes to mensurating cultural differences. there is one individual who admiration a immense research and theoretical parts. His name is Geert Hofstede. He found that differences in values between civilizations could be reduced to four basic values. He calls them dimensions. The four cultural dimensions are: power distance. which has to make with the credence of a hierarchal or unequal power construction. Uncertainty turning away implies how civilizations deal with uncertainnesss of mundane life. Individualism indicates. whether the people perceive themselves as independent or collectivized. Masculinity/ Femininity signifies. whether the dominant values in society are achievement and success or caring for others and quality of life. If we explore the Bulgarian civilization with the aid of Hofstede theoretical account. we can acquire a good overview of the deep drivers of the Bulgarian civilization relation to other universe civilizations. Peoples in Bulgaria accept a hierarchal order in which everybody has a topographic point and which needs no farther justification. Hierarchy in an organisation is seen as reflecting built-in inequalities. centralisation is popular. subsidiaries expect to be told what to make and the ideal foreman is a benevolent tyrant. Bulgaria is more collectivized than individualist and in procedure to go more feminine than masculine. Bulgaria has a really high pe nchant for avoiding uncertainness. Countries exhibiting high uncertainness avoidence maintain stiff codifications of belief and behavior and are intolerant of irregular behavior and thoughts. In these civilizations there is an emotional demand for regulations. clip is money. people have an interior impulse to be busy and work hard. preciseness and promptness are the norm. invention may be resisted. security is an of import component in single motive.

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Roles of Property Tax

Introduction Property tax, an annual tax on the real property, has been in existence for more than three millennia. It is found most commonly on the market value concept. Its base may be the land and buildings or just the land only. The strengths and weaknesses of this type of tax are well known since it’s common globally and is a subject of a political debate (Hoff, 1991).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Roles of Property Tax specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This paper therefore seek to explain how the rate of savings in a less developed nation can be increased using the property tax. It will also highlight the roles that can be attributed to the property tax in encouraging the foreign investors to invest in the nation. Additionally, the paper will recommend other features of an economic system that may be implemented by this nation in order to achieve its economic objectives. Roles assigned to property t axes As an economic advisor, I would recommend a property tax that is administratively and technically easy to maintain and implement in all the circumstances. The property tax should be able to aim a cost yield ratio of 2% or even less making it cheap to administer. The property tax implemented should be secure in that it’s almost impossible to evade, the collection success rates should be at a minimum of 95% which is easily attainable. The transparency of the tax system should be evident in the property tax to ensure its affectivity (Hoff, 1991). The property tax should be in such away that the public understands it since understanding the market value concept is easy whether it is a rental value or capital value making its basis of assessment more appreciated. The property tax should ensure that there is a better correlation between the ability to pay and the assessed value. The tax should also be marginally progressive and therefore need to be designed correctly. The prop erty taxes should be well suited like a source to the revenue of the local governments generated locally; nevertheless it should be buoyant and predictable (Bahl, 1992). Economically, I’ll assign some other major roles to the property taxes. These include: acting as a major source of local revenues; the property taxes should be employed as the main source of revenues generated locally since it is geographically defined. It may be possible to use local sales taxes and local income taxes in generating the revenue for the local government but the two have administrative difficulties. Other sources may be rents from the properties owned by the government. However, property taxes still remain the major source of revenue in such areas since it is easier for the government to modify than it is to adjust the rates of income taxes (Hyman, 2008).Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As a primary source of revenue; property tax should be able to play a vital role in the autonomy and decentralization of the local government. Where there is full local government decentralization, the power to independently raise revenue is incorporated which allows the government to use such funds as they deem fit: as a support for other functions; the property tax should be able to be used by other bodies and agencies in assessing the value lists attached to properties. Some bodies that may find it relevant include drainage boards, water bodies and electricity which assess the charges imposed on such commodities (Bahl, 1992). Features of economic system to be implemented A developing nation willing to increase the savings of its citizens and the investments by the foreign investors ought to implement favorable economic systems that suit its objectives. In this case, some of the features of the economic system that I as an economic advisor would recommend for implementation inclu de: An economic system that facilitates decentralization and gives a basis for local autonomy A system that ensures an economic use of the available land An economic system that provides the base of revenue for a particular function authorities A system that reduces property and land prices hence facilitating land access by the public An economic system that can be applied to industrial, commercial and residential properties as well as buildings and agricultural land located in the rural areas (Hoff, 1991). Conclusion In summary, Property tax is an annual tax on the real property. It is found most commonly on the market value concept. The land and buildings or just the land only are its major bases. The strengths and weaknesses of this type of tax are well known since it’s common globally and is a subject of a political debate. This paper has highlighted major roles of property tax as; the major source of local revenue, primary source, contributing to functions of other bod ies and as a valuation list. The paper has therefore described how the rate of saving of a less developed nation can be increased using the property tax. It has also highlighted the roles assigned to the property tax in encouraging the foreign investors to invest in the nation. Eventually, the paper has recommended the features of an economic system that may be implemented by this nation in order to achieve its economic objectives. References Bahl, R. (1992). Urban Public Finance in Developing Countries. New York: Oxford University Press. Hoff, K. (1991). Introduction: Agricultural Taxation and Land Rights Systems. The World  Bank Economic Review, 5(1): 85-91.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Roles of Property Tax specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Hyman, D. N. (2008). Public finance: A contemporary application of theory to policy (9th  ed.). Mason OH: South-Western Publishing, Cengage This essay on Roles of Property Tax was written and submitted by user Bowen P. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Edad consentimiento para relaciones sexuales en EE.UU.

Edad consentimiento para relaciones sexuales en EE.UU. En Estados Unidos, la edad de consentimiento sexual  significa que a partir de cumplir los aà ±os fijados por ley de cada estado, cualquier persona –varà ³n o mujer– puede tener sexo con quien quiera, a menos que està © incapacitada por otro motivo. Sin embargo, en algunos estados tambià ©n es necesario que en los casos de relaciones sexuales entre dos personas que ya han alcanzado la edad de consentimiento, pero al menos una de ellas es menor de edad, la diferencia de aà ±os entre ambas no puede ser mayor a un nà ºmero fijado por ley, que es lo que se conoce como provisià ³n de diferencia de edad (age gap provision, en inglà ©s). Un ejemplo hipotà ©tico es el siguiente: Margarita Snchez tiene 17 aà ±os y vive en Carolina del Norte. Tiene ya edad para otorgar el consentimiento sexual, si asà ­ lo desea. Su novio tiene 20 aà ±os. Esta situacià ³n es correcta dentro del punto de vista legal porque la diferencia de edad entre ellos es de 3 aà ±os. Lo cual est dentro de la gap provision de ese estado. Por el contrario, si el novio de Margarita tuviese 22 aà ±os, esa relacià ³n serà ­a contraria a la ley, ya que ella es menor de edad y la diferencia entre ellos es superior a los 4 aà ±os.   Edad de consentimiento sexual y provisià ³n de diferencia de edad por estado Los estados estn listados en orden alfabà ©tico. Al final de la lista aparecen los datos de Washington D.C. La edad de consentimiento significa que una vez que se cumplen esos aà ±os se puede consentir libremente para tener relaciones sexuales. La edad de provisià ³n significa que si un miembro de la pareja es menor de edad, el otro no le puede llevar ms de esos aà ±os. Alabama Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 2 Alaska Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 3 Arizona Edad de consentimiento: 18Provisià ³n diferencia de edad: 2 Arkansas Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 3 California Edad de consentimiento: 18Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Carolina del Norte Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 4 Carolina del Sur Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Colorado Edad de consentimiento: 17Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 4 Connecticut Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 2 Dakota del Norte Edad de consentimiento: 18Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Dakota del Sur Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 3 Delaware Edad de consentimiento: 18Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Florida Edad de consentimiento: 18Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Georgia Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Hawaii Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 5 Idaho Edad de consentimiento: 18Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Illinois Edad de consentimiento: 17Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad:0 Indiana Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad:0 Iowa Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 4 Kansas Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Kentucky Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Louisiana Edad de consentimiento: 17Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 3 Maine Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 5 Maryland Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 4 Massachusetts Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Michigan Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Minnesota Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 2 Mississippi Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 2 Missouri Edad de consentimiento: 17Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad:0 Montana Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Nebraska Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Nevada Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Nuevo Hampshire Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Nueva Jersey Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 4 Nuevo Mà ©xico Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 4 Nueva York Edad de consentimiento: 17Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Ohio Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Oklahoma Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Oregà ³n Edad de consentimiento: 18Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 3 Pennsylvania Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 4 Rhode Island Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Tennessee Edad de consentimiento: 18Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 4 Texas Edad de consentimiento: 17Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 4 Utah Edad de consentimiento: 18Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 10 Vermont Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Virginia Edad de consentimiento: 18Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Virginia Occidental Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 4 Washington Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 2 Wisconsin Edad de consentimiento: 18Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 0 Wyoming Edad de consentimiento: 16Provisià ³n de diferencia de edad: 4 Washington D.C. Edad de consentimiento: 16 Consecuencias de relaciones sexuales sin respetar edad de consentimiento y provisià ³n Tener sexo con una persona que no tiene edad para consentir o que, aà ºn tenià ©ndola, no se respete la provisià ³n de edad podrà ­a ser un delito de violacià ³n o de estupro. Las condenas por estos delitos pueden tener efectos penales y migratorios por constituir un felonà ­a agravada o un delito considerado inmoral o una falta, conocido en inglà ©s como misdemeanor. El nombre de esta felonà ­a o falta dependiendo del caso puede recibir diferentes nombres como rape,  estatutory rape, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, child molestation, corruption of a minor, etc. Dependiendo del estado y tambià ©n de las circunstancias de cada caso, la condena por puede ser castigad de crcel y/o multa. El castigo es siempre mayor cuando ms grande sea la diferencia de edad entre la và ­ctima y el victimario. Adems, una condena por esta causa puede tener consecuencias de deportacià ³n para los migrantes. Adems,  tanto en los casos de delito o falta se puede ser condenado a ser incluido en el Registro de Delincuentes Sexuales (sex offenders). Si bien en algunos estados esto à ºltimo no es asà ­ cuando aplica la excepcià ³n que se conoce como Romeo y Julieta, que aplica a adolescentes (13-19 aà ±os) y que puede tambià ©n como defensa. Aplican la excepcià ³n de Romeo y Julieta en: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Carolina del Norte, Colorado, Connecticut, Dakota del Sur, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nueva Jersey, Nuevo Mà ©xico, Oregà ³n, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia Occidental, Washington y Wyoming. Cabe destacar que es siempre un delito mantener relaciones sexuales con un  menor que todavà ­a no ha alcanzado la edad de consentimiento segà ºn las leyes del estado en el que reside . Eso es asà ­ aunque el menor està © de acuerdo en tener esas relaciones porque, en realidad, no tiene capacidad legal para dar consentimiento. Adems,  todos los casos en los que se tiene relaciones sexuales en los que una de las partes no consiente es un delito de violacià ³n forzada, que est castigado muy duramente por la ley. Esto es asà ­ cualquiera que sea la edad de la và ­ctima. Desde el punto de vista migratorio, es un delito agravado. Quà © hacer si se es và ­ctima de este delito de estupro La và ­ctima, sus padres o guardianes pueden acudir a la policà ­a o a la oficina de la Fiscalà ­a para poner fin a esta situacià ³n.   Adems  estn obligados a poner estos hechos en conocimiento de las autoridades maestros, mà ©dicos y dems profesionales que tengan conocimiento de ellos por su trabajo. Es importante que las và ­ctimas busquen todo el apoyo que necesiten, incluido el psicolà ³gico. Por à ºltimo  las và ­ctimas de asalto sexual que estn en situacià ³n de indocumentadas podrà ­an recibir alivio migratorio. Acusado falsamente de estupro y la defensa de error de edad Ya que ser acusado de estupro es un cargo muy serio, toda persona acusada falsamente de una de estas acciones debe  contactar inmediatamente con un abogado penalista. Si adems se est en Estados Unidos con un estatus distinto al de ciudadano, solicitar un letrado que tambià ©n tenga conocimientos migratorios. Adems  tener en cuenta que algunos estados permiten la defensa de error de edad, cuando el menor puede parecer que es mayor de edad. Son los siguientes: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nueva York, Pennsylvania, Virginia Occidental, Washington y Wyoming. Otras conductas delictivas sexuales a tener en cuenta En todos los estados es legal para los adolescentes ponerse de novios, abrazarse, darse la mano e incluso besarse. Pero en algunos estados es ilegal acciones como tocarse por debajo de la cintura, asà ­ sea por encima de la ropa, cuando se trate de relaciones entre una persona mayor de edad y otra menor de edad. Esto es lo que se conoce como 3ra base.   Quà © pueden hacer los padres cuando no estn de acuerdo con el consentimiento sexual de los hijos No confundir la edad de consentimiento sexual con  la mayorà ­a de edad.  Son cosas diferentes. En la mayorà ­a de los estados la edad del consentimiento sexual es ms temprana que la mayorà ­a de edad. Esto significa que aunque los menores de edad  pueden tener la edad de consentimiento y pueden  querer tener sexo con una determinada persona, sus padres o guardianes pueden estar en contra. Y pueden impedirlo obteniendo una orden de alejamiento (restraining order) en contra de la persona que est manteniendo relaciones sexuales con su hijo/a menor de edad. Puntos clave: edad para consentimiento sexual La mayorà ­a de edad y la edad de consentimiento sexual pueden NO coincidir.Toda relacià ³n sexual antes de la edad de consentimiento es delitoLas relaciones sexuales por encima de la edad de consentimiento pueden ser delito o falta, si en el estado de residencia existe la provisià ³n de edad.Los padres pueden evitar las relaciones sexuales de un menor de edad en edad de consentir sexualmente mediante una orden de alejamientoUn delito o falta de estupro puede tener consecuencias penales, de multa, migratorias y de inclusià ³n en el Registro de Delincuentes Sexuales.Posibles defensas en caso de acusacià ³n de estupro: error de edad y, en algunos casos y para adolescentes, la defensa de Romeo y Julieta. Este es un artà ­culo informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal.

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10 Animal Sounds in Japanese Words

10 Animal Sounds in Japanese Words In different languages, there is little consensus about what sounds animals make. This holds true in  Japanese as well as other tongues. In English, for example, a cow says moo, but in French, its closer to meu or meuh. In Japanese, the bovine says moo moo. American dogs say woof, but in Italy, mans best friend makes a sound more like bau. In Japanese, they say wan wan. Below are the sounds various animals say in Japanese. Japanese Animal Sounds The table displays the name of the animal in the left column, with the transliteration of the animals name in bold and its depiction in Japanese letters below. The English name for the animal is listed in the second column. The third column lists the sound the animal makes in bold with the Japanese letters for the sound below that. The sound an animal makes in English is included below the Japanese spelling in the third column, allowing for easy comparison to the animal sound in Japanese. karasu㠁‹ã‚‰ã â„¢ crow kaa kaaã‚ «Ã£Æ' ¼Ã£â€š «Ã£Æ' ¼ niwatorié ¶  rooster kokekokkoã‚ ³Ã£â€š ±Ã£â€š ³Ã£Æ'Æ'ã‚ ³Ã£Æ' ¼(Cock-a-doodle-doo) nezumi㠁 ­Ã£ Å¡Ã£  ¿ mouse chuu chuuãÆ' Ã£Æ' ¥Ã£Æ' ¼Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' ¥Ã£Æ' ¼ nekoçÅ' « cat nyaa nyaaãÆ'‹ãÆ' £Ã£Æ' ¼Ã£Æ'‹ãÆ' £Ã£Æ' ¼(meow) umaé ¦ ¬ horse hihiinãÆ'’ãÆ'’ãÆ' ¼Ã£Æ' ³ butaè ±Å¡ pig buu buuãÆ'â€"ãÆ' ¼Ã£Æ'â€"ãÆ' ¼(oink) hitsujiç ¾Å  sheep mee meeãÆ' ¡Ã£Æ' ¼Ã£Æ' ¡Ã£Æ' ¼(baa baa) ushi牛 cow moo mooãÆ' ¢Ã£Æ' ¼Ã£Æ' ¢Ã£Æ' ¼(moo) inuçŠ ¬ dog wan wanãÆ' ¯Ã£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ¯Ã£Æ' ³(woof, bark) kaeruã‚ «Ã£â€š ¨Ã£Æ' « frog kero keroã‚ ±Ã£Æ' ­Ã£â€š ±Ã£Æ' ­(ribbit) These animal sounds are usually written in the katakana script, rather than kanji or hiragana. The Bowwow Theory The bowwow theory  posits that language began when human ancestors started imitating  the natural sounds around them. The first speech was onomatopoeic and included words such as moo, meow, splash, cuckoo, and bang. Of course, in English especially, very few words are onomatopoeic. And around the world, a dog might say au au in Portuguese, wang wang in Chinese, and as noted, wan wan in Japanese. Some researchers have suggested that the animals a culture is most closely aligned with will have more versions of the sounds they make in their respective languages. In American English, for example, a dog might say bowwow, woof, or ruff. Since dogs are beloved pets in the U.S., it makes sense that American-English speakers would want to have a menu of sound words for this pet. The Dog in Japan Dogs are also quite popular as pets in Japan, where they were domesticated during the Jomon period in 10,000 B.C. Though katakana script is most common, you can write the Japanese word for dog,  inu,  in either  hiragana  or  kanji - but since the kanji character for dog is quite simple, try learning how to write it in kanji. Phrases referring to dogs are as common in Japan as they are in the West. Inujini  means to die like dog, and to call someone a dog in Japenese is to accuse him of being a spy or dupe. The sentence  Inu mo  arukeba  bou  ni  ataru  (when the dog walks, it runs across a stick) is a common Japanese saying, meaning that when you walk outside, you could possibly meet with an unexpected fortune.

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Air Pollution Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Air Pollution - Research Paper Example The issue of Air Pollution has is not new and was part of the environmental crisis that started with the industrial revolution however the situation today is far more complicated and critical as compared to 50 years back with environmental pollutants causing problems like ozone depletion, global warming and acid rain (Wark, Warner, Davis). Air pollution is almost impossible to contain because of its ability to spread rapidly over a large area. Air pollutants are of various kinds with different physical characteristics and chemical properties and have varying effects on the environment and human health. The various environmental issues are inter-related for example the issue of global warming is aggravated by the increased ozone depletion due to various environmental pollutants. The various environment protection bodies including the United Nations Environmental Program is taking various steps to prevent air pollution and reduce the use of several different chemicals and process which result in air pollution. The UNEP issues regular recommendations to the governments for passing legislation for eradicating the use of harmful chemicals and industrial processes which contribute to environmental pollution. The various other initiatives taken by international environmental protection bodies and agencies include the Kyoto Protocol, the Montreal Protocol and carbon footprint reduction programs but these efforts have not achieved the desired objectives till date. The situation of air pollution is worsening every other day primarily because of the lack of awareness among common people about the adverse effects of various daily life products they use and their activities which pollute the environment. People are concerned about an issue when they have to face the consequences but in case of air pollution, there are cases in which the pollution is caused by the activities of one region while people of other regions have to face the consequences, for instance the Scandinav ian regions are affected when the European countries of the south pollute air, similar is the case with the harmful chemicals issued by the industries in China which pollute the Japanese regions (White, Beal). The sand storms in North Africa are responsible for red rains in Europe across the Mediterranean. So the issue of air pollution is a global issue and must be dealt by all the nations of the world collectively but the overall scenario of the world regarding the environmental protection is not very encouraging because the countries only think about their own interests and do not act to solve the problems globally because most of the countries are not willing to sacrifice their economical benefits for the environmental protection cause. Pollutants in the air a serious environmental issue because the society today is highly industrialized and the various harmful chemicals like radon, lead, asbestos, ozone, carbon monoxide etc. which have been classified as environmental pollutants are issuing from various industries. The various air pollutants are discussed in the following paragraphs. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas which is fatal for humans if

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Multiculturalism versus Liberalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Multiculturalism versus Liberalism - Essay Example As such, a multicultural society is described as one that is characterized by a rich mixture of cultures and supports the desire amongst its people to convey their own identities in the way they deem fit (Brian, 3). The second approach to multiculturalism aims at dealing with the numerous challenges that arise because of cultural diversity, especially due to the problems that face the minority and marginalized groups within society. Liberalism Liberalism refers to a political philosophy that is based on the notions of equality and liberty that support basic human rights and freedoms such as individual civil rights, freedom to own private property, freedom of expression, free and just elections, freedom of religion, free trade, and freedom of association. This philosophy arose because of a rejection of tyrannical, oppressive, and conservative practices and ideas such as absolute monarchy, the godly right of kings, state religion, and hereditary privilege that only favored a few individuals within society (Perry, et al., 183). Liberalism emerged during the 16th and 17th centuries when there were numerous religious wars across Europe that were against tyrannical leadership. Regarded as the Enlightenment Age, it saw the beginning of powerful revolutionary movements aimed at ending tyrannical regimes across the world especially in Europe, with the most remarkable one being the French revolution. A multiculturalism critique of l iberal notions of citizenship The term citizenship is a term used broadly to refer to the link between an individual and the state and which grants that individual certain legal rights and freedoms. Citizenship has three main dimensions. The first is legal status that grants an individual freedom to act in accordance with the law and the right to seek protection by the law (Isin and Turner, 32). The second dimension is political and assumes individuals as political agents who participate in political undertakings within society. The third is identity whereby an individual is deemed a member of a political community hence gaining an identity. Differences in the approach adopted by liberalism and multiculturalism have created a tension between these two ideologies especially in the manner of leadership to be adopted by governments and various authorities. One such are of tension arises on the views of citizenship adopted by liberals and multiculturalists. A major model of citizenship is liberal citizenship that adopts legal status and political liberty as important aspects of citizenship and which help to protect individuals from oppression by the authorities and other individuals. Several multiculturalists criticisms have been raised against the various liberal ideas of citizenship adopted by liberals. The first criticism is the failure of liberalism citizenship to address the various inequalities present in the present capitalist societies. The capitalist approach towards production and property ownership has

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Role and Functions of Law Paper Essay Example for Free

Role and Functions of Law Paper Essay Law works in many ways for business and for our society to coexist. This is done by setting rules and expectations that provide ways to solve disputes and assign government agency to enforce them. Law is defined as â€Å"a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having legal binding force.† (Melvin, 2011). It is very important for business owners to understand law in the type of services that they provide, from either hiring employees or safety in the work place. A business owner has to provide an equal opportunity to all those how seek jobs in their company without discriminating from gender, age or race. Safety in the work place is important to avoid law suits to be filed against the company. These law suits can go from not providing proper work equipments to failure to fix broken ladder way or not having safety procedure in place. The role that law provides in society is to provide a general guide lines to live day to day. The law also provides safety for its citizens though Administrative Law â€Å"source of law that authorities the exercise of authority by executive branch agencies and independent government agencies† (Melvin, 2011). This law gives law enforcement the authority to enforce the laws set by congress, which enforces punishments to violators if guilty. The law also protects its citizens from settling disputes with violence or aggression. Being in the military and work as a legal clerk I found law to be very important to keeping its military structure. For instance a law that I at first didn’t understand was that if a member of the military could get discharged if they won the lottery, it was explained to me that it can have a huge problem in the rank structure. If a private was to be a millionaire and a Sergeant was to give him orders and decides to disobey him he would care about his punishments which could result in reduction of pay or liberty. The private in this instance has the money so it wouldn’t bother him to lose pay and he  can just buy video games, play online, have cable and it wouldn’t affect him. Law in the military extends throughout the world to make sure that every member of the military should always act in professional and keep a good image on the United States. Working as a process server I started to understand how important law are in my job I am protected by the law to accomplish my duty, by law I am able to go up to a house and knock on the addresses home without being consider trespassing. This is a very important law that I must follow for if I do something like jump a locked fence I would be breaking the very same law that protects. As a process server my duty is to serve court documents to defendants to appear at a specific superior court, if I were to lie or falsify information during the process of serving a defendant the case can be lost even if the attorney did nothing wrong. Having law in our business protects the owners and employees they reduce law suits and prevent abuse. Law also protects the citizens of the United States and common standard laws they apply to everyone in that jurisdiction and punish those who choose to ignore them. Without laws our business and society would fail to live in peace. References Melvin, S.P. (2011). The Legal Environment of Business: A Managerial Approach: Theory to Practice. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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Transcendental Critic of the Puritans Essay -- Analysis, Hawthorne

There is no hard definition for Transcendentalism; it varies depending on which group of Transcendentalist one talks to. Webster defines its purpose is to discover the nature of reality by investigating the thought process instead of the objects of sense. The Oxford dictionary implies that divinity can be found in all nature and humanity. Almost all definitions include a search for truth, spiritual goodness, and the nature of reality by studying nature by communing with the human soul or an analysis of the human soul’s interaction with the spirit of God. Also, according to Raziel Abelson, Transcendentalism â€Å"†¦opposed the strict ritualism and dogmatic theology of all established religious institutions† (qtd. in â€Å"Brook Farm†). In 1841, a group of Transcendentalists established the Brook Farm formally known as the â€Å"Brook Farm Institute of Agriculture and Education†; among that group were American literary and religious leaders such as Amos Bronson Alcott, William Ellery Channing, Charles Anderson Dana, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Theodore Parker, and Orestes Augustus Brownson (â€Å"Brook Farm†). It is because of the influence of the Transcendental movement that Hawthorne wrote â€Å"Young Goodman Brown† and â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil† where he attempts to demonstrate (perhaps to the Puritan Church, certainly to all who read the stories) that the Puritan Church’s strict and unforgiving orthodoxy was not its greatest strength but its greatest weakness. In â€Å"Young Goodman Brown,† Hawthorne’s overt use of spiritual/metaphysical allegory and symbolism is used to display the sinful nature of man and the possibly tragic consequences of the Puritan Church’s ridged and unwavering demand of sinless purity from its m... ...v. 2011. Hawthorne, Nathaniel. â€Å"The Minister's Black Veil, A Parable.† Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library. Web. 25 November 2011. ---. â€Å"Young Goodman Brown.† Literature Reading, Reacting, Writing. Compact 7th Ed. Kirszner and Mandell. Boston: Wadsworth, 2010. Print. King James Version Bible. Philadelphia: The National Bible Press, 1958. Print. "Transcendentalism." (n.d.): Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia. Web. 24 Nov. 2011. "Transcendentalism n." The Concise Oxford English Dictionary, Twelfth edition . Ed. Catherine Soanes and Angus Stevenson. Oxford University Press, 2008. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. Amarillo College. Web. 27 November 2011 â€Å"Transcendentalism.† Webster’s new World Dictionary of the American Language. Second College Edition. New York: Simon and Shuster, 1984. Print.

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Comparing “Dolor” and “A Hardware Store as Proof of the Existence of God” Essay

Comparing â€Å"Dolor† and â€Å"A Hardware Store as Proof of the Existence of God† Happiness in life is seen through the little things we do and the small stuffs we usually took for granted like the little flower blossoming at the edge of a busy road, the pancake that our mother have lovingly cooked, and the sparingly blue sky in the morning. It is like a fire that keeps on burning with passion. Sadness, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. It is the feeling of desolation, of tragedy, and antagonism of life, quite like the stinging sensation we feel when holding a pure crystalline ice. This is how we could describe the stiff contrast of the poems â€Å"A Hardware Store as Proof of the Existence of God† and â€Å"Dolor. † They are two distinct poetical pieces, outstanding in their own accord, which shows a stark difference. Nancy Willard’s â€Å"A Hardware Store as Proof of the Existence of God,† took praise upon the thought that while many people doubt the existence of a God, a small hardware store could be the simple answer to such a difficult query. It has a light and jovial mood that sets that audience’s atmosphere into one that reflects simple pleasures. Even at the start of the poem, with its line â€Å"I praise the brightness of hammers pointing east†¦Ã¢â‚¬  it emphasizes on how little things could mean happiness and contentment. Theodore Roethke’s â€Å"Dolor,† on the other hand, signifies a state of loss and misery. Reading the poem, we will have this feeling of anxiety and loneliness that is trying to shroud us. The poem, in general, tackles the monotony of life and how as one copes with a routine schedule, he begins to be trapped, or rather, caged in a place where every bit of life is banished. â€Å"Dolor† made use of the free verse form. It is apparent by its free forming lines, not confined by rhythmical patterns or carefully numbered syllabication. Playing around the numbers between 10 and 16, the syllables of every line varied, indeed showing its concept idea with much liberty. This is quite in contrast to â€Å"A Hardware Store as Proof of the Existence of God† which, though not that perceptible, follows a somewhat more outlined form. Observing the first stanza, we would visibly notice the smooth pattern of 11-10-11-10-10. This is disturbed, however, by the following stanza, going out of the way with its 13-12-11-9-10 syllable count. The second stanza may have seemed to rule out of the poem, but the succeeding stanza retained a form near to its first, having syllable counts of 11-8-11-9-12-11, including the last line. These difference in poetic style used have given a wider gap between the two poems. Both are trying to convey a deep feeling within them yet they strike in very opposing manners. The angst that â€Å"Dolor† communicates vastly differs from the glee that â€Å"A Hardware Store as Proof of Existence of God† share. Reading between the lines, we would be able to comprehend better the more intimate idea that the two poems try to share. â€Å"Dolor,† written by Theodore Roethke, is gloomy and describes a setting depicted to be a workplace or an institution that demands a custom schedule; thus forging an empty and tedious life. However, if we would analyze deeper, we would understand that Roethke is trying to impart the life he had spent in Halcyon Sanitarium after he had a mental breakdown. On the other, Nancy Willard, a writer whose fondness for children have affected her writing, wrote with a simplistic approach; with plain words that aims straight for the heart. By doing so, she have shared directly that God, through a hardware store, have given us the delight of knowing that every bit of sadness and missing things in our life could be repaired and patched, and that there would always be a good future ahead of us. By and large, Willard’s â€Å"Hardware Store as Proof of the Existence of God† and Roethke’s â€Å"Dolor† are two poems of vast contrast. Every little detail each poem shows further support how much they differ. But even though the two are stiffly contrasting, both have shown great passion and emotion from their respective writers. Works Cited Willard, N. (1989). Water Walker. NewYork: Knopf Windle, R. (1994). The Poetry of Business Life: An Anthology. United States: Berrett Koehler Robson, W. W. (1984). The Definition of Literature and Other Essays: And Other Essays. New York: Cambridge University Press

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Netw310 Lab Report Week 3

NETW310 Week 3 Lab Report To complete your Week 3 lab report, discuss the questions below concerning the installation of structured cabling. Create your report using the template starting on page 2 and submit it to the Week 3 Dropbox by the due date. Your Name NETW310, Professor’s Name Current Date Lab #3, Installation of Structured Cabling Lab Report Each answer is worth 2. 8 points. Use a red colored font for you answers. Place the answers below the questions 1. How often are network standards reviewed? . What category of UTP cabling is the minimum for a telephone cable? 3. What category of cabling should be installed as a best practice for a telephone cable? 4. What is the problem with leaving abandoned cable in place in a building? 5. Why must the twisting in the individual wires be maintained in a UTP cable? 6. How many wires does a gigabit cable use? 7. Is the labeling standard commonly used or not used? 8. Grounding should be attached to what in the building? 9.Horizont al cabling connects what areas to each other? 10. What is a plenum rated cable? 11. What is a riser tube used for? 12. What is the code for plenum rated horizontal cable? 13. How many wires in a UTP cable does Fast Ethernet use? 14. How many inches should separate UTP cable from 120 volt electrical cable? 15. What is the reason for grounding jumpers on each connection in ladder rack? 16. Why should overfilling of a riser tube be avoided? 17. Is the grounding of equipment a safety or a performance concern? 8. What are the current recognized horizontal cabling categories? 19. May an existing Category 5 cable be used to make network connections? 20. In the example used here what does the firestop material consist of? 21. In what circumstances will poorly installed cabling still function? 22. Why should the outer cover on a UTP cable be maintained in place? 23. Does cable labeling impact network performance? 24. May CM cable be used in the plenum space? 25. Why should a plastic riser tu be not be used?

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Affirmative Action Should be Eliminated essays

Affirmative Action Should be Eliminated essays Proponents of affirmative action argue that affirmative action is necessary to create a "level playing field" for all Americans because it is a way of redressing discrimination that persists in spite of civil rights laws and constitutional guarantees. Minorities and females still don't make as much money as men do and we live in a society that often has difficulty accepting individuals with different race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. "Operational needs" often present cases when affirmative action is required for effective job performance. One example of "operational needs" is a police force which has to interact with the community. Officers who belong to the same ethic group as neighborhood residents can function more effectively because of the hostilities and suspicions that often exist between members of different ethic groups. However, affirmative action really is all about quotas rather than eliminating race as a factor in the decision making process. And, quotas are unconstitutional because they violate the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, equal protection under the law. The benefactors of affirmative action are predominately middle and upper class individuals that don't need any special treatment. "The most under-represented group of Americans at the nation's top colleges and colleges isn't blacks or Hispanics, but students from lower-income families." Even the Center for Equal Opportunity is opposed to affirmative action because it has been such an unfair windfall for wealthy minorities that are finding ways to take advantage of the system as summarized below: "According to the Code of Federal Regulations: "Individuals who certify that they are members of named groups (Black, Hispanic, Native American, Asian-Pacific, Sub-continental-Asian) are to be considered socially and economically disadvantaged." Unde...

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Admissions Applications and the Parent Questionnaire

Admissions Applications and the Parent Questionnaire One aspect of the private school admission process is the completion of a formal  application, which includes both a student and a parent questionnaire. Many parents spend hours going over the student portion with their children, but the parent application needs ample attention, as well. This piece of information is a crucial part of the application, and is something that admission committees read  carefully. Heres what you need to know: The Purpose of the Parent Questionnaire This document may also be  known as the Parent Statement. The rationale for this series of questions is to have you, the parent or guardian, answer questions about your child. There is the understanding that you know your child better than any teacher or counselor, so your thoughts matter. Your answers should help the admissions staff get to know your child better. However, its important to be realistic about your child and remember that every child has both strengths and areas in which he or she can improve.   Answer the Questions Truthfully Dont paint a picture-perfect vision of your child. It important to be genuine and authentic. Some of the questions can be personal and probing. Be careful not to distort or avoid the facts. For example, when the school asks you to describe your childs character and personality, you need to do so succinctly yet honestly. If your child has been expelled or failed a year, you must address the issue forthrightly and honestly. The same goes for information related to educational accommodations, learning challenges, and emotional or physical challenges your child may experience. Just because you disclose information that may not be a glowing positive, doesnt mean that your child isnt a good fit for the school. At the same time, full explaining  the needs of your child can help the school to assess if they can provide the necessary accommodations to ensure success. The last thing you want to do is send your child to a school that cant meet your childs needs.   Make a Rough Draft of Your Answers Always print out a copy of the questionnaire or copy the questions into a document on your computer. Use this secondary place to write a rough draft of your answers to each question. Edit for coherence and clarity. Then put the document aside for twenty-four hours.  Look at it again a day or so later. Ask yourself how your answers will be interpreted by the admissions staff who do not know your child as you do. Have a trusted adviser or, if you have hired one, your educational consultant, review your answers. Then input your answers into the online portal (most schools require online applications these days) and submit along with the other documents. Write Your Own Answers Do not underestimate the importance of the Parent Questionnaire. Something that you may say in your answers could  resonate with the admissions staff and make them feel a connection to you and your family. Your answers might even tip the scale in your childs favor and help the school understand how they can play a primary role in your childs education, helping him or her succeed and achieve their best, both during the years attending the school and beyond. Take plenty of time to craft thoughtful, considered answers that accurately reflect you and your child. Do not have an assistant answer these questions for you. Even if you are a very busy CEO or a  single parent working full time and juggling multiple children, this one document is extremely important; make time to complete it. This is your childs future at stake. Things are not like they used to be decades ago when perhaps the mere fact that you were an important person would suffice to get your child admitted. The same is true for consultants. If you are working with a consultant, it is still important that your questionnaire, and your childs portion of the application (if he or she is old enough to complete one) should be genuine and from you. Most consultants would not write the responses for you, and you should question your consultant if he or she suggests this practice. The school will want to see evidence that you personally have tended to this questionnaire. It is one more indication to the school that you are a committed and involved partner with the school in your childs education. Many schools highly value the partnership with parents and family members, and investing your time in the parent questionnaire can show that youre dedicated to supporting your child and that you will be an involved parent.   Article edited by  Stacy Jagodowski

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Art and Architecture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Art and Architecture - Essay Example The whole cathedral together with its supplementary buildings occupies a whole block. The outside of the church is decorated with white marble making it to have a shiny and beautiful surface. The parish is about four hundred feet in length and its width is approximately more than seventy feet wide. Standing at the entrance of the cathedral are two spires decorated in gothic curved architecture. At the center of the two spires is the cathedral entrance. On the western vestibule, towers and a gallery above it border the cathedral. The vaulting of the main roof is made of brick. The cathedral takes the form of gothic revival architecture, with important parts taking forms of medieval French gothic and British gothic architecture. Some of the most important features of the architect are the facades, the spires and the windows when viewed from the exterior. The spires provide proportionality in the architecture. The entrance of the cathedral is between the two spires that are a bit taller than the roofing at about 330 feet high. This provides balance and harmonizes proportionality in the architecture, making it an admirable aspect as a piece of art. The use of stained windows is a functional to provide the serene atmosphere inside the cathedral for the purposes of peace during prayer. The stained windows mimic other gothic designs that were common in Europe (Janaro & Altusher, 2009, Ch. 5). The inside of the cathedral is made with perfect proportional arrangement. The nave of the cathedral attains the balance that most cathedrals do through proportional arrangement of the rows where worshippers sit. Light is spread throughout the church through the highly placed windows that ensure there is enough light during the day. However, during the night, three chalices that hang perfectly through the center of the nave provide enough illumination. The curved faà §ade of the church at the exterior provides ample decorations of the cathedral while

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Privacy and confidentiality ( health care ethics) Essay - 1

Privacy and confidentiality ( health care ethics) - Essay Example it, I see or hear, in the life of men, which ought not to be spoken of abroad, I will not divulge, as reckoning that all such should be kept secret† (as translated by Francis Adams). Why is it appropriate that the healthcare practitioners to keep mum over the medical conditions of patients? It just makes practical sense that medical professionals should uphold the confidentiality of their clients. This is because in the clinical setting patients are expected to fully disclose their habits, their ailments, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Beyond this, they are frequently required to undress and allow physicians access to their bodies for examination, treatments, and surgery. Thus, the patient is vulnerable, needy, and prone to feelings of shame. Patients endure these experiences because they want to be treated for what ails them and because they trust their physicians to keep their secrets. If this trust were eroded, it might follow that patients would become unable to seek medical attention or they will be hesitant to disclose some information that is vital for their treatment. Most often, dilemmas arise when medical practitioners should or should not disclose patient information. For, example, confidentiality is regarded as crucial by those involved in the care of mentally ill or emotionally disturbed patients. A stigma has traditionally surrounded those with mental disorders. This is why the preservation of confidentiality is necessary to ensure that patients are prepared to come forward for treatment and that they continue with treatment. Patients require that assurance. They do not want the risk of becoming the butt of cruel jokes and being socially ostracized. Another example, in family research, is that when both the husband and wife may report on sensitive topics such as his and her own and the partner’s extramarital relationships, marital aggression, or alcohol use. Margolin et al. (2005) revealed that the â€Å"standard safeguard for discomfort

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Response question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Response question - Essay Example He discusses the healthy food of Asia but since they are following the U.S then who is left for us to look up to? No doubt his video is informative but due to lack of guidance about the lifestyle and diet it deviates from the main topic. Had he told about the correct diet and provided a chart of healthy food it would have served for the right purpose. Obesity is becoming common and has deformed the human figure in the past few decades. In this way we are moving forward to devolvement. The children are fed on junk and processed foods. They consume all the foods that are unhealthy from the age that is vulnerable and they become use to it. They refuse to intake the home made food and rely more on the take away foods. Though Ornish has not mentioned the reasons of obesity and did not talk about the prevention, however this is one of the common reasons. As obesity is common among people and they do not pay any heed to it and as a result they are unaware of the consequences. His video fails to provide the methods of prevention. Exercise can help a great deal in losing weight and getting rid of the obese figure. He does not talk about the life style either. These missing points make his video lacking in this very important aspect. He should have guided the people about the proper diet and lifestyle that are required in the prevention of the fatal

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Maintaining a Competitive Edge in Business

Maintaining a Competitive Edge in Business INTRODUCTION   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The performance of nay business nowadays is very much triggered by stringent competition due to the existence of other players in the respective industries with the iam of providing the general consuming public with products and servces which were previously made available by other suppliers. To survive such predicament, businesses execute their own set of strategies. Various operations strategies have ben identified in order to maintain their sustainable competitive edge and to establish their place in the market as against other players in the industry. In this paper, the researcher will closely analyze the case of J. Sainsbury, a leading supermarket with interests in finance in the United Kingdom. The researcher will identify the performance objectives of the entire industry and compare it with that of J Sainsbury, and analyze order qualifiers and order winners as regards to the business operation of the business. More importantly, the researcher will also give suggestions on what steps can the company do in order to maintain its sustainable competitive advantage despite the growing competition in the industry with the entry of other players and the growth of previously identified competitors. PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Performance objectives refer to a set of goals and aims specified by the company or the industry which are expected to be achieved after implementation and execution of a set of strategies which are formulated top improve the performance of the organization. The supermarket industry in the United Kingdom is very diverse and competent as each have varying strategies and tools on how they can better serve the public so that they will have an increased market share as against the other players. The key performance objectives of the operations of these supermarkets are geared towards increasing their market share and generating more profit. One of the performance objectives of the entire supermarket industry in the United Kingdom would be to increase their economic value which involves earnings in profit, creation of new customers, innovation, and the best use of available resources. Furthermore, another performance objective of operations in the industry would be imp rovement of the companies social function which entails their ability to perform the conduct of their business while reaping benefits which are beneficial to the society such as corporate social responsibility measures. One more performance objectives would be to improve its human capital which in turn will reciprocate better service in the industry. Another performance objective of the business would be helping in the growth of the nation through improving internal and external environment of the company. The last performance objective of the company would be to be able to expand operations on other areas of the business aside from food retail which has been the industrys main business. ORDER QUALIFIERS AND ORDER WINNERS   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Order qualifiers refer to the characteristics various products which are offered by the company that can qualify for such products or services to be considered for purchase by the customer. On the other hand, an order winner refers to the characteristics of a product or service that wins the order or the final and most important factor which triggers the purchase. A company is said to be in a trouble if its best investments or its sustainable competitive edge is not important to the general consuming public. Order qualifiers and order winners are important for the firms products and services because eit stipulates the criteria which are identified by the consuming public and these criteria must be present in their offerings for such to be considered as a valuable option.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  For instance, in the United Kingdom, when the shoppers think of which supermarket they should buy their needs, they consider these supermarkets in terms of order qualifiers. Order qualifiers would include which ones has the lowest price, highest quality of products, socially responsible business, most accessible, among other factors, nonetheless, presented with this qualifiers, the customer will choose which one to visit base on the order winner or the characteristic or final consideration which makes them choose that supermarket, normally the organizations sustainable competitive advantage. For instance, it can be assumed that what makes J. Sainsbury an order winner is its focus on quality which makes them the best in food and health as they deliver to the public a perpetually improving quality shopping experience exceeding customer expectations. THE OPERATONS OF J. SAINSBURY   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Being one of the leading supermarkets in the United Kingdom, J. Sainsbury has been continuous in providing the public with a shopping experience of the highest quality in terms of the products and services which it offers. The remaining section will discuss the operations of J. Sainsbury in line with the performance objectives in the industry which have been earlier identified.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The first performance objective identified was economic benefits. J. Sainsburys operation undeniably surpassed is economic benefits as illustrated by the profits which the company earned in the previous year. According to the companys Chief Financial Officer, they made good progress despite the challenging economic environment and their sales even soared 6% higher from the previous year which is indicative of a good economic performance. The company is also generating more than 18 million customer transactions on a weekly basis with a 16% market share. Furthermore, in terms of its social function the company also showed in its operating review its continuous emphasis of corporate social responsibility as being significant in the growth of their business. The company has made a positive difference in many communities by being able to support charities such as Comic Relief where they raised almost 10 million pounds and Active Kids where their donation almost reached 70 million pounds worth of sport equipments and other items. They have also implemented efforts to reduce to negative environmental impact of some supermarket practices such as when it comes to plastic bags. The improvement of the workforce has also been identified as a performance objective in the industry. Such has been shown by the company thorugh its efforts to improve the quality of the labor force for better service. It also continuously gives out monetary bonuses and incentives for good service performance which will motivate the employees to do better because they know that they are being recognized. Another performance objective earlier identified was being able to help in the growth of the nation. J. Sainsburys has been committed to this by providing employment opportunities which gave the citizens an avenue of earning as they work in a dynamic corporate environment. It also perpetually creates opportunities to help the unfortunates in the nation by involving in partnersh ips with different groups. The last performance objective of the industry as earlier identified would be being able to expand their operations to open more opportunities and to serve more markets. J. Sainsburys response to this objective would be improvement in its non-food sector such as sales for home and lifestyle items. They have also expanded business through their additional channels to reach more market such as going on-line. RECOMMENDATIONS   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  As what has been shown by the discussion above, it can be assumed that the performance of J. Sainsbury in the market is doing well. The financial performance is indicative of good business while their corporate social responsibility is indicative of how well they help the society by bringing back whatever they have earned from the public. The strategies which have been identified and formulated by the company showed success in being able to maintain its competitive advantage in the market and in being able to manage competition from other players in the industry. The increase in their net sales is indicative that they were able to manage other players and they were able to do business in a good way despite the challenges which where brought about by the global economic downturn.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  To be able to maintain its competitive position in the industry, J. Sainsbury must be able to perpetually put an emphasis on its on-going strategies and how maximum benefits can be reaped from such. Competition will always be rough in an industry which is as rough as the supermarket business in the United Kingdom. Both small and big players will have continued efforts in order to outplay and compete against each other. There will be competitive efforts which will focus mainly on price as such ahs been deemed as the most important order qualifier among the general consuming public. To be able to manage such competitive strategies, J. Sainsbury must always remember that the lowest price does not guarantee the most market. Price is a big indication towards purchase, but more emphasis should be put into quality as such is more important. There is a significant need to be able to compete on price. Nonetheless, the need to compete on quality can otherwise prove to be mo re paramount among consumer concerns.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The operations strategies which have been earlier identified will help the company increase its share in the market or at least retain its current position. The researcher recommends that the company must put a continued emphasis on its efforts towards helping the community and the entire nation. The corporate social responsibility or the set of practices of every organization which are geared towards the environment should always be of paramount concern. The general consuming public is being increasingly aware of how to protect the environment. With that, the company must be sensitive towards this concern and must continue its efforts towards providing the public with an environmentally friendly shopping experience such as through the bags their use and improvement in their waste disposal practices in order to keep the environment clean. Moreover, they should also continue their efforts to help communities in which they pay back from the revenues they have earned from the public. A portion of their earnings shall be directed towards helping others by showing value to the same society which gave them the profit in the business. More importantly, it should continue to generate employment opportunities in the United Kingdom to be able to help the nation and to help improve the performance of the business by employing more competent and qualified individuals who can render excellent customer service which in the long run will translate into increased profit.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The competitive environment for supermarkets in the United Kingdom is tough. Nonetheless, with the formulation of effective individual operation strategies, the business will be able to outplay competition and survive in the marketplace as it continue on its perpetual efforts to help the public by offering them with a shopping option of the highest quality. REFERENCES: J. Sainsbury Annual Company Report (2009). Retrieved on April 29, 2010 from Business Studies (n.d.). Objectives of Business. Retrieved on April 29, 2010 from Waterman H. (2007). UK Supermarket CSR Reports: A Comparison Using Environmental and Social Reporting Guidelines. Retrieved on April 29, 2010 from

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A Separate Peace - Thematic Analysis :: essays research papers

An analysis of John Knowles A Separate Peace brings up the theme of man's inhumanity to his fellow man. What makes this novel unique is that in protesting war, Knowles never overtly referred to the blood and gore of war; he showed the consequences of war, some paralleling the nature of war and some simply laying out how World War II affected noncombatants thousand miles away. There have been many books written about war, what happens, why it happens, and why wars should stop. Knowles explains through the life of Finny why war never will cease, with only one death in the entire book; a quiet one at that. When Gene is responsible for Finny's fall off the tree, the reader is in some confusion as to what really happened. All the book reads at this juncture is "Holding firmly to the trunk, I took a step near him, and then my knees bounced and I jounced the limb. Finny, his balance gone, swung his head to look at me for an instant with extreme interest, and then he tumbled sideways, broke through the little branches below and hit the bank with a sickening, unnatural thud." The reader does not know whether it was accidental or intentional. It is not until later that Finny realizes that Gene is responsible for his crippling, and what a natural thing it was to do. Gene bounced the branch just to see if he could make the invincible Finny fall; at least, this is why Gene claims he did it. This is true, but at some level, Gene was scared of Finny, of his confidence, his abilities, and his potential for breaking records. Consider Gene's paranoia over Finny's attempts to make him advent urous. Gene interprets these genuine acts of friendship as attempts to prevent him from reaching the top of the academic ladder. This paranoia parallels war in that after it is declared, no one is safe. Countries, leaders, people suspicious of all who are perceived as a threat, causing them to lash out at anyone even peripherally involved. Adequately proven in A Separate Peace, there are also historical examples: the Nazi death camps, the American Japanese-American relocation camps, and the McCarthyism of the fifties. Apparently, in America, the Constitution rules until war is declared, then paranoia and vindictiveness take charge. When Gene had the opportunity to get back at Finny, he did, which is so human it is disheartening.

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The term matrilineal descent (or uxorial descent, or matrilineality, or matrilineage) refers to a system of tracing family ties, inheritance and succession only through female ancestors in the family. Despite of its being quite uncommon, this type of social organization exists in many world’s cultures and regions, and practically can be put to the following: â€Å"†¦relatedness through females is treated as culturally more significant than relatedness through males† (Holden, Sear & Mace, 2003). Therefore, according to the system of matrilineality, an individual is supposed to belong to the same descent social group as his/her female ancestors (mother, grandmother, etc.). This concept is contrary to more widespread and popular social system of patrilineal descent, in which a person belongs to his/her father lineage. Patrilineal descent is a prevailing concept; nevertheless, matrilineality can have more common sense, because it is always easier to identify a person’s mother then his/her father. The term matrilineality is used both in sociology and anthropology, because historically such powerful cultures and civilizations like Ancient Egypt, Indo-European, Slavic, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Asian cultures, including the Minangkabau and many others, could rise and develop due to matrilineal customs and the power of their determined and clever Queens, Princesses or other female rulers. Strong elements of matrilineality are preserved in some contemporary cultures and religions, in particular, in Orthodox Judaism, which states that a person must be a child of a Jewish mother in order to be considered a member of this religious group. References: Holden, C.J., & Rebecca Sear, Ruth Mace. (2003) Matriliny as daughter-biased investment. Evolution & Human Behavior. 24: 99-112 Luomala, N. (n.d.). Matrilineal Reinterpretation of Some Egyptian Sacred Cows. Personal Web-Site of Professor Ronald Bolender. Sweet Briar College. Retrieved June 9, 2007

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Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio assessment is a multi-faceted process characterized by the following recurrent qualities: * It is continuous and ongoing, providing both formative (i. e. , ongoing) and summative (i. e. , culminating) opportunities for monitoring students' progress toward achieving essential outcomes. * It is multidimensional, i. e. , reflecting a wide variety of artifacts and processes reflecting various aspects of students' learning process(es). It provides for collaborative reflection, including ways for students to reflect about their own thinking processes and metacognitive introspection as they monitor their own comprehension, reflect upon their approaches to problem-solving and decision-making, and observe their emerging understanding of subjects and skills. * They clearly reflect stated learner outcomes identified in the core or essential curriculum that students are expected to study. * They focus upon students' performance-based learning experiences as well as their acquisition of key knowledge, skills, and attitudes. They contain samples of work that stretch over an entire marking period, rather than single points in time. * They contain works that represent a variety of different assessment tools. * They contain a variety of work samples and evaluations of that work by the student, peers, and teachers, possible even parents' reactions. Source: Paul S. George, (1995). What Is Portfolio Assessment Really and How Can I Use It in My Classroom? Gainesville, FL: Teacher Education Resources. Purposes of the Portfolio The Professional Portfolio we describe at PortfolioMaker. a differs from others you may see elsewhere in that it includes the following two main purposes: * To demonstrate your professional knowledge and skill in what some people call teaching ‘competencies' and which we call ‘Dimensions of Teaching'. * To emphasize your reflections on your entries. Your reflections will prove to be an integral part of the whole portfolio process because without them, the portfolio remains merely a scrapbook, a collection of information — not a portfolio. Our philosophy of the Professional Portfolio builds on the work of Donald Schon (1983). The reflective practitioner: How professionals think in action. Basic Books. * To illustrate your knowledge and skills in interviews or job appraisals. * To make your teaching visible so that you can: * Ensure that your teaching includes practices that reflect the reasons that you chose this profession. * Reflect on your practice and establish learning goals and/or targets. * Reflect on your practice to determine the extent to which you have achieved these goals and/or targets. * Ensure that your teaching reflects your beliefs about what good teaching should be * And, to celebrate your professionalism. Different Types of Portfolios * Documentation Portfolio: This type is also know as the â€Å"working† portfolio. Specifically, this approach involves a collection of work over time showing growth and improvement reflecting students' learning of identified outcomes. The documentation portfolio can include everything from brainstorming activities to drafts to finished products. The collection becomes meaningful when specific items are selected out to focus on particular educational experiences or goals. It can include the bet and weakest of student work. Process Portfolio: This approach documents all facets or phases of the learning process. They are particularly useful in documenting students' overall learning process. It can show how students integrate specific knowledge or skills and progress towards both basic and advanced mastery. Additionally, the process portfolio inevitably emphasizes students' reflection upon their learning process, including the use of reflective journals, think logs, and related forms of metacognitive processing. * Showcase Portfolio: This type of portfolio is best used for summative evaluation of students' mastery of key curriculum outcomes. It should include students' very best work, determined through a combination of student and teacher selection. Only completed work should be included. In addition, this type of portfolio is especially compatible with audio-visual artifact development, including photographs, videotapes, and electronic records of students' completed work. The showcase portfolio should also include written analysis and reflections by the student upon the decision-making process(es) used to determine which works are included.

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Greg Sirico Essays - McCulloch V. Maryland, Free Essays, Term Papers

Greg Sirico Essays - McCulloch V. Maryland, Free Essays, Term Papers Greg Sirico Adv American Gov. November 14th ?98 McCulloch v Maryland Can congress incorporate a bank? Can a state tax the national government? These were some of the key issues that brought up in the Supreme Court case of McCullloch v Maryland. James Madison, the judge in this case, rules in favor of the National Government. He proclaimed that it was constitutional to have a national bank, and not appropriate for Maryland to tax the bank. Now we turn the tables toward Maryland. In my reasoning I believe that Maryland can uphold their right to tax the national bank, as well as make claims of the ?necessary and proper clause? being incorrect in it?s meaning. Maryland in my opinion holds very good references and ideas which lead me to believe that the national bank should never have been created, and if so created be able to have been taxed. Both points coming from the Constitution. Maryland as well as every other state in the union, has the power to tax. It is a concurrent power, which enables them (Maryland) to obtain the power to tax. The power to tax is the power to create. Since the national bank itself is in Baltimore, I believe the state, in which it is holds ground, which is Maryland, has some type of property tax upon the national bank. In this point we can see how the state government has some kind of right to tax the national bank. Moving forward, we come across the Necessary and Proper Clause (Elastic Clause). It is stated in the Constitution that the government is empowered to imply this clause to issues at hand. The controversy issue is the appropriate definition for this word, necessary. However, necessary in Maryland?s point of view means ?indispensable? and Madison defines it as ?convenient?. Now in this point, it is unjust to provide the national government with such power as this. If it is in fact convenient for the national government, is it convenient for us the people? The answer is no, this gives leverage to Maryland?s argument that necessary should in-fact mean as is. As we can see through my, and the state of Maryland?s view, the national bank should have never been created, and even if such an idea would have been about, it is still reprehensible for taxation. Maryland in my belief was correct in it?s arguments, and points. Now as I conclude, I have shown you my reasons why, and have brought me to my final decision that there really is no equality between the state government and the national government. In seeing this, it is appropriate to believe that the congresses can in-fact do as they PLEASE.

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Clean Air Act essays

Clean Air Act essays Pollution in the United States is getting worse and worse by the day. Poor air quality is a serious issue and health risk in cities throughout the country. The main source of the pollution problem is our transportation. Cars produce roughly one half of the pollution in our cities, and about a quarter of the greenhouse gases. The internal combustion engine is the single largest source of air pollution in the United States. Toxic gases are emitted into the atmosphere as byproducts of the combustion process and also from evaporating gasoline. The main pollutants consist of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons, and particulates, each of which are harmful to the human body and contribute to global warming. Carbon monoxide is the largest pollutant emitted. It attaches to the hemoglobin in the blood and lowers the bloods oxygen-carrying capacity, which causes headaches, drowsiness and blurred vision, and is fatal with prolonged exposure. Hydrocarbons cause eye irritation, coughing, wheezing, shortage of breath and serious lung damage. Nitrogen oxide causes acid rain and taints the quality of our water. Pollution is obviously a very serious problem that is putting each of us risk, as well as damaging our environment. Unfortunately this is not something that can be solved any time soon, however we must make an effort to deal with it. Gasoline is not the only way to power an automobile. There is technology out on the market, along with much more still in development, that provides logical substitutes to our current automobile fuel. Several companies have started mass production of cars that are fueled by both electricity and gasoline, known as hybrids. These hybrids only use gasoline during acceleration and run off an electric battery the remainder of the time. This allows these cars to travel up to 70 miles on one gallon of gas and they are still able to move at speeds ne ...

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The Environmental Impact of Slash and Burn Agriculture

The Environmental Impact of Slash and Burn Agriculture Slash and burn agriculture- also known as swidden or shifting agriculture- is a traditional method of tending domesticated crops that involves the rotation of several plots of land in a planting cycle. The farmer plants crops in a field for one or two seasons  and then lets the field lie fallow for several seasons. In the meantime, the farmer shifts to a field that has lain fallow for several years  and removes the vegetation by cutting it down and burning it- hence the name slash and burn. The ash from the burned vegetation adds another layer of nutrients to the soil, and that, along with the time resting, allows the soil to regenerate. The Best Conditions for Slash and Burn Agriculture Slash and burn agriculture  works best in low-intensity  farming situations when the farmer has plenty of land that he or she can afford to let lay fallow, and it works best when crops are rotated to assist in restoring the nutrients. It has also been documented in societies where people maintain a very broad diversity of food generation; that is, where people also hunt game, fish, and gather wild foods. Environmental Effects of Slash and Burn Since the 1970s or so, swidden agriculture has been described as both a bad practice, resulting in the progressive destruction of natural forests, and an excellent practice, as a refined method of forest preservation and guardianship. A recent study conducted on historical swidden agriculture in Indonesia (Henley 2011) documented the historical attitudes of scholars towards slash and burn and then tested the assumptions based on more than a century of slash and burn agriculture. Henley discovered that the reality is that swidden agriculture can add to deforestation of regions  if the maturing age of the removed trees is much longer than the fallow period used by the swidden agriculturalists. For example, if a swidden rotation is between 5 and 8 years, and the rainforest trees have a 200-700 year cultivation cycle, then slash and burn represents one of what may be several elements resulting in deforestation. Slash and burn is a useful technique in some environments, but not in all. A  special issue of Human Ecology  suggests that the creation of global markets is pushing farmers to replace their swidden plots with permanent fields. Alternatively, when farmers have access to off-farm income, swidden agriculture is maintained as a complement to food security (see Vliet et al. for a summary). Sources Blakeslee DJ. 1993. Modeling the abandonment of the Central Plains: Radiocarbon dates and the origin of the Initial Coalescent. Memoir 27, Plains Anthropologist 38(145):199-214. Drucker P, and Fox JW. 1982. Swidden didn make all that midden: The search for ancient Mayan agronomies. Journal of Anthropological Research 38(2):179-183. Emanuelsson M, and Segerstrom U. 2002. Medieval slash-and-burn cultivation: Strategic or adapted land use in the Swedish mining district? Environment and History 8:173-196. Grave P, and Kealhofer L. 1999. Assessing bioturbation in archaeological sediments using soil morphology and phytolith analysis. Journal of Archaeological Science 26:1239-1248. Henley D. 2011. Swidden Farming as an Agent of Environmental Change: Ecological Myth and Historical Reality in Indonesia. Environment and History 17:525-554. Leach HM. 1999. Intensification in the Pacific: A critique of the archaeological criteria and their applications. Current Anthropology 40(3):311-339. Mertz, Ole. Swidden Change in Southeast Asia: Understanding Causes and Consequences. Human Ecology, Christine Padoch, Jefferson Fox, et al., Vol. 37, No. 3, JSTOR, June 2009. Nakai, Shinsuke. Analysis of Pig Consumption by Smallholders in a Hillside Swidden Agriculture Society of Northern Thailand. Human Ecology 37, ResearchGate, August 2009. Reyes-Garcà ­a, Victoria. Ethnobotanical Knowledge and Crop Diversity in Swidden Fields: A Study in a Native Amazonian Society. Vincent Vadez, Neus Martà ­ Sanz, Human Ecology 36, ResearchGate, August 2008. Scarry CM. 2008. Crop Husbandry Practices in North America’s Eastern Woodlands. In: Reitz EJ, Scudder SJ, and Scarry CM, editors. Case Studies in Environmental Archaeology: Springer New York. p 391-404.

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Business Communication - how to become more effective within the Essay

Business Communication - how to become more effective within the organization - Essay Example These objectives could both be short term as well as long term – both looking to stabilize the working capital of the organization and its different tenets. (Cappelli, 1999) To be effective within a business communication setting, there is a need to have proper and sound policies when it comes to e-mail communication, cross cultural exchange and lastly correct usage of diversification within an organization. E-mails that are sent out in an organization need to be written and sent in a manner which could easily be read and understood by the right mix of audiences that work within an organization. This means that the language used should be readable and easy to interpret. (Jackson, 2007) Any organization would dearly want to have employees who could make out from a variety of different Internet languages, which also brings to light the notion of understanding and comprehending the ‘net lingo’ – the mix of informal Internet language and the common, daily use terms like ‘hey’, ‘u’, ‘f9’ and so on. Cultural differences have been the root cause of the ever-increasing number of issues related with various cultures merged at a single place. It has been going on for a long time and researchers, though trying their best, have not been able to find a suitable remedy for the problem. There are definitely some guidelines attached with the smooth interaction and transfer of cross-cultural issues but they are hard to come by and even harder to implement at the work place, more so if the employees are not that comfortable with the same. (York, 1994) Cross cultural awareness is increased within the companies and its people through effective managers who can bridge the gap between them culturally and socially. It is adopted through extremely viable work styles, cultures and practices within the office work place. Productive relationships between employees result in a better understanding of the business in general and amongst the cross-cultural factions

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Health Sector Service Management Research Paper

Health Sector Service Management - Research Paper Example The research paper â€Å"Health Sector Service Management† discusses various aspects that include a brief overview of wait times of the patients relating with health sector, causes along with their consequences. It is worth mentioning that in order to gain an in-depth knowledge about the prevalence of wait times across the health segment, a cross-examination of two hospitals namely Tawam and Al Ain is considered. One of the critical challenges faced by the healthcare organizations in recent times relating to wait times of the patients is patient satisfaction. Thus, certain challenges and solutions to mitigate these challenges are also depicted in this research paper. In healthcare sector, waiting time is fundamentally regarded as the duration of time that passes particularly between receiving ‘Recommendation for Admission’ form by a hospital and the specific day of the admission of patient in the hospital. In general, waiting time associated with healthcare segmen t is viewed to be a time period between when a specific activity is mandated or requested and its happening. It has been apparently observed in this similar circumstance that if the aforementioned form is arrived at a certain delayed time at the hospital, the waiting time would generally appear quite shorter. Besides, waiting time in healthcare sector is also described as the total time taken by a patient starting from the registration till the consultation with the doctor. There generally exist two sorts of waiting time in this similar circumstance.... There generally exist two sorts of waiting time in this similar circumstance. One type of waiting time is viewed to be the time taken by a patient for making consultation with the doctor and the time taken for obtaining any medicine. The other type is the time taken by a patient particularly in registration is also regarded as one of the components of waiting time of a patient (Abdullah, 2005). The significant concern of waiting time can be related with triaging of patients. In this similar concern, the term â€Å"triage† is fundamentally regarded as a procedure that was initially executed especially by the militaries for the purpose of sorting their soldiers effectually who were wounded in any battle. Generally, ‘triage’is viewed to be the sole method through which healthcare professionals act proficiently towards categorizing the urgency of the medical requirements of the patients resulting in the deliverance of proper, secure and quality medical care to the pat ients. By taking into concern this particular approach of triage, it has been viewed that the prime intention of this process is to make sure that every patient is appropriately as well as timely treated at the time of their any clinical urgency. However, different healthcare organizations have been witnessed to face critical issues concerning waiting time that needs to be mitigated largely in order to support the patients by offering secure and quality medical care to them (Rambaran, 2009). In this research paper, a detailed investigation about a current management of service quality issue or problem faced by an organization today will be taken into concern. In this