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Response question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Response question - Essay Example He discusses the healthy food of Asia but since they are following the U.S then who is left for us to look up to? No doubt his video is informative but due to lack of guidance about the lifestyle and diet it deviates from the main topic. Had he told about the correct diet and provided a chart of healthy food it would have served for the right purpose. Obesity is becoming common and has deformed the human figure in the past few decades. In this way we are moving forward to devolvement. The children are fed on junk and processed foods. They consume all the foods that are unhealthy from the age that is vulnerable and they become use to it. They refuse to intake the home made food and rely more on the take away foods. Though Ornish has not mentioned the reasons of obesity and did not talk about the prevention, however this is one of the common reasons. As obesity is common among people and they do not pay any heed to it and as a result they are unaware of the consequences. His video fails to provide the methods of prevention. Exercise can help a great deal in losing weight and getting rid of the obese figure. He does not talk about the life style either. These missing points make his video lacking in this very important aspect. He should have guided the people about the proper diet and lifestyle that are required in the prevention of the fatal

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Maintaining a Competitive Edge in Business

Maintaining a Competitive Edge in Business INTRODUCTION   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The performance of nay business nowadays is very much triggered by stringent competition due to the existence of other players in the respective industries with the iam of providing the general consuming public with products and servces which were previously made available by other suppliers. To survive such predicament, businesses execute their own set of strategies. Various operations strategies have ben identified in order to maintain their sustainable competitive edge and to establish their place in the market as against other players in the industry. In this paper, the researcher will closely analyze the case of J. Sainsbury, a leading supermarket with interests in finance in the United Kingdom. The researcher will identify the performance objectives of the entire industry and compare it with that of J Sainsbury, and analyze order qualifiers and order winners as regards to the business operation of the business. More importantly, the researcher will also give suggestions on what steps can the company do in order to maintain its sustainable competitive advantage despite the growing competition in the industry with the entry of other players and the growth of previously identified competitors. PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Performance objectives refer to a set of goals and aims specified by the company or the industry which are expected to be achieved after implementation and execution of a set of strategies which are formulated top improve the performance of the organization. The supermarket industry in the United Kingdom is very diverse and competent as each have varying strategies and tools on how they can better serve the public so that they will have an increased market share as against the other players. The key performance objectives of the operations of these supermarkets are geared towards increasing their market share and generating more profit. One of the performance objectives of the entire supermarket industry in the United Kingdom would be to increase their economic value which involves earnings in profit, creation of new customers, innovation, and the best use of available resources. Furthermore, another performance objective of operations in the industry would be imp rovement of the companies social function which entails their ability to perform the conduct of their business while reaping benefits which are beneficial to the society such as corporate social responsibility measures. One more performance objectives would be to improve its human capital which in turn will reciprocate better service in the industry. Another performance objective of the business would be helping in the growth of the nation through improving internal and external environment of the company. The last performance objective of the company would be to be able to expand operations on other areas of the business aside from food retail which has been the industrys main business. ORDER QUALIFIERS AND ORDER WINNERS   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Order qualifiers refer to the characteristics various products which are offered by the company that can qualify for such products or services to be considered for purchase by the customer. On the other hand, an order winner refers to the characteristics of a product or service that wins the order or the final and most important factor which triggers the purchase. A company is said to be in a trouble if its best investments or its sustainable competitive edge is not important to the general consuming public. Order qualifiers and order winners are important for the firms products and services because eit stipulates the criteria which are identified by the consuming public and these criteria must be present in their offerings for such to be considered as a valuable option.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  For instance, in the United Kingdom, when the shoppers think of which supermarket they should buy their needs, they consider these supermarkets in terms of order qualifiers. Order qualifiers would include which ones has the lowest price, highest quality of products, socially responsible business, most accessible, among other factors, nonetheless, presented with this qualifiers, the customer will choose which one to visit base on the order winner or the characteristic or final consideration which makes them choose that supermarket, normally the organizations sustainable competitive advantage. For instance, it can be assumed that what makes J. Sainsbury an order winner is its focus on quality which makes them the best in food and health as they deliver to the public a perpetually improving quality shopping experience exceeding customer expectations. THE OPERATONS OF J. SAINSBURY   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Being one of the leading supermarkets in the United Kingdom, J. Sainsbury has been continuous in providing the public with a shopping experience of the highest quality in terms of the products and services which it offers. The remaining section will discuss the operations of J. Sainsbury in line with the performance objectives in the industry which have been earlier identified.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The first performance objective identified was economic benefits. J. Sainsburys operation undeniably surpassed is economic benefits as illustrated by the profits which the company earned in the previous year. According to the companys Chief Financial Officer, they made good progress despite the challenging economic environment and their sales even soared 6% higher from the previous year which is indicative of a good economic performance. The company is also generating more than 18 million customer transactions on a weekly basis with a 16% market share. Furthermore, in terms of its social function the company also showed in its operating review its continuous emphasis of corporate social responsibility as being significant in the growth of their business. The company has made a positive difference in many communities by being able to support charities such as Comic Relief where they raised almost 10 million pounds and Active Kids where their donation almost reached 70 million pounds worth of sport equipments and other items. They have also implemented efforts to reduce to negative environmental impact of some supermarket practices such as when it comes to plastic bags. The improvement of the workforce has also been identified as a performance objective in the industry. Such has been shown by the company thorugh its efforts to improve the quality of the labor force for better service. It also continuously gives out monetary bonuses and incentives for good service performance which will motivate the employees to do better because they know that they are being recognized. Another performance objective earlier identified was being able to help in the growth of the nation. J. Sainsburys has been committed to this by providing employment opportunities which gave the citizens an avenue of earning as they work in a dynamic corporate environment. It also perpetually creates opportunities to help the unfortunates in the nation by involving in partnersh ips with different groups. The last performance objective of the industry as earlier identified would be being able to expand their operations to open more opportunities and to serve more markets. J. Sainsburys response to this objective would be improvement in its non-food sector such as sales for home and lifestyle items. They have also expanded business through their additional channels to reach more market such as going on-line. RECOMMENDATIONS   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  As what has been shown by the discussion above, it can be assumed that the performance of J. Sainsbury in the market is doing well. The financial performance is indicative of good business while their corporate social responsibility is indicative of how well they help the society by bringing back whatever they have earned from the public. The strategies which have been identified and formulated by the company showed success in being able to maintain its competitive advantage in the market and in being able to manage competition from other players in the industry. The increase in their net sales is indicative that they were able to manage other players and they were able to do business in a good way despite the challenges which where brought about by the global economic downturn.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  To be able to maintain its competitive position in the industry, J. Sainsbury must be able to perpetually put an emphasis on its on-going strategies and how maximum benefits can be reaped from such. Competition will always be rough in an industry which is as rough as the supermarket business in the United Kingdom. Both small and big players will have continued efforts in order to outplay and compete against each other. There will be competitive efforts which will focus mainly on price as such ahs been deemed as the most important order qualifier among the general consuming public. To be able to manage such competitive strategies, J. Sainsbury must always remember that the lowest price does not guarantee the most market. Price is a big indication towards purchase, but more emphasis should be put into quality as such is more important. There is a significant need to be able to compete on price. Nonetheless, the need to compete on quality can otherwise prove to be mo re paramount among consumer concerns.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The operations strategies which have been earlier identified will help the company increase its share in the market or at least retain its current position. The researcher recommends that the company must put a continued emphasis on its efforts towards helping the community and the entire nation. The corporate social responsibility or the set of practices of every organization which are geared towards the environment should always be of paramount concern. The general consuming public is being increasingly aware of how to protect the environment. With that, the company must be sensitive towards this concern and must continue its efforts towards providing the public with an environmentally friendly shopping experience such as through the bags their use and improvement in their waste disposal practices in order to keep the environment clean. Moreover, they should also continue their efforts to help communities in which they pay back from the revenues they have earned from the public. A portion of their earnings shall be directed towards helping others by showing value to the same society which gave them the profit in the business. More importantly, it should continue to generate employment opportunities in the United Kingdom to be able to help the nation and to help improve the performance of the business by employing more competent and qualified individuals who can render excellent customer service which in the long run will translate into increased profit.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The competitive environment for supermarkets in the United Kingdom is tough. Nonetheless, with the formulation of effective individual operation strategies, the business will be able to outplay competition and survive in the marketplace as it continue on its perpetual efforts to help the public by offering them with a shopping option of the highest quality. REFERENCES: J. Sainsbury Annual Company Report (2009). Retrieved on April 29, 2010 from http://www.j-sainsbury.co.uk/files/reports/ar2009_report.pdf Business Studies (n.d.). Objectives of Business. Retrieved on April 29, 2010 from http://www.nos.org/Secbuscour/cc03.pdf Waterman H. (2007). UK Supermarket CSR Reports: A Comparison Using Environmental and Social Reporting Guidelines. Retrieved on April 29, 2010 from http://www.fcrn.org.uk/researchLib/theses/supermarket%20CSR%2007%20Holly%20Waterman.pdf

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A Separate Peace - Thematic Analysis :: essays research papers

An analysis of John Knowles A Separate Peace brings up the theme of man's inhumanity to his fellow man. What makes this novel unique is that in protesting war, Knowles never overtly referred to the blood and gore of war; he showed the consequences of war, some paralleling the nature of war and some simply laying out how World War II affected noncombatants thousand miles away. There have been many books written about war, what happens, why it happens, and why wars should stop. Knowles explains through the life of Finny why war never will cease, with only one death in the entire book; a quiet one at that. When Gene is responsible for Finny's fall off the tree, the reader is in some confusion as to what really happened. All the book reads at this juncture is "Holding firmly to the trunk, I took a step near him, and then my knees bounced and I jounced the limb. Finny, his balance gone, swung his head to look at me for an instant with extreme interest, and then he tumbled sideways, broke through the little branches below and hit the bank with a sickening, unnatural thud." The reader does not know whether it was accidental or intentional. It is not until later that Finny realizes that Gene is responsible for his crippling, and what a natural thing it was to do. Gene bounced the branch just to see if he could make the invincible Finny fall; at least, this is why Gene claims he did it. This is true, but at some level, Gene was scared of Finny, of his confidence, his abilities, and his potential for breaking records. Consider Gene's paranoia over Finny's attempts to make him advent urous. Gene interprets these genuine acts of friendship as attempts to prevent him from reaching the top of the academic ladder. This paranoia parallels war in that after it is declared, no one is safe. Countries, leaders, people suspicious of all who are perceived as a threat, causing them to lash out at anyone even peripherally involved. Adequately proven in A Separate Peace, there are also historical examples: the Nazi death camps, the American Japanese-American relocation camps, and the McCarthyism of the fifties. Apparently, in America, the Constitution rules until war is declared, then paranoia and vindictiveness take charge. When Gene had the opportunity to get back at Finny, he did, which is so human it is disheartening.

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The term matrilineal descent (or uxorial descent, or matrilineality, or matrilineage) refers to a system of tracing family ties, inheritance and succession only through female ancestors in the family. Despite of its being quite uncommon, this type of social organization exists in many world’s cultures and regions, and practically can be put to the following: â€Å"†¦relatedness through females is treated as culturally more significant than relatedness through males† (Holden, Sear & Mace, 2003). Therefore, according to the system of matrilineality, an individual is supposed to belong to the same descent social group as his/her female ancestors (mother, grandmother, etc.). This concept is contrary to more widespread and popular social system of patrilineal descent, in which a person belongs to his/her father lineage. Patrilineal descent is a prevailing concept; nevertheless, matrilineality can have more common sense, because it is always easier to identify a person’s mother then his/her father. The term matrilineality is used both in sociology and anthropology, because historically such powerful cultures and civilizations like Ancient Egypt, Indo-European, Slavic, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Asian cultures, including the Minangkabau and many others, could rise and develop due to matrilineal customs and the power of their determined and clever Queens, Princesses or other female rulers. Strong elements of matrilineality are preserved in some contemporary cultures and religions, in particular, in Orthodox Judaism, which states that a person must be a child of a Jewish mother in order to be considered a member of this religious group. References: Holden, C.J., & Rebecca Sear, Ruth Mace. (2003) Matriliny as daughter-biased investment. Evolution & Human Behavior. 24: 99-112 Luomala, N. (n.d.). Matrilineal Reinterpretation of Some Egyptian Sacred Cows. Personal Web-Site of Professor Ronald Bolender. Sweet Briar College. Retrieved June 9, 2007

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Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio assessment is a multi-faceted process characterized by the following recurrent qualities: * It is continuous and ongoing, providing both formative (i. e. , ongoing) and summative (i. e. , culminating) opportunities for monitoring students' progress toward achieving essential outcomes. * It is multidimensional, i. e. , reflecting a wide variety of artifacts and processes reflecting various aspects of students' learning process(es). It provides for collaborative reflection, including ways for students to reflect about their own thinking processes and metacognitive introspection as they monitor their own comprehension, reflect upon their approaches to problem-solving and decision-making, and observe their emerging understanding of subjects and skills. * They clearly reflect stated learner outcomes identified in the core or essential curriculum that students are expected to study. * They focus upon students' performance-based learning experiences as well as their acquisition of key knowledge, skills, and attitudes. They contain samples of work that stretch over an entire marking period, rather than single points in time. * They contain works that represent a variety of different assessment tools. * They contain a variety of work samples and evaluations of that work by the student, peers, and teachers, possible even parents' reactions. Source: Paul S. George, (1995). What Is Portfolio Assessment Really and How Can I Use It in My Classroom? Gainesville, FL: Teacher Education Resources. Purposes of the Portfolio The Professional Portfolio we describe at PortfolioMaker. a differs from others you may see elsewhere in that it includes the following two main purposes: * To demonstrate your professional knowledge and skill in what some people call teaching ‘competencies' and which we call ‘Dimensions of Teaching'. * To emphasize your reflections on your entries. Your reflections will prove to be an integral part of the whole portfolio process because without them, the portfolio remains merely a scrapbook, a collection of information — not a portfolio. Our philosophy of the Professional Portfolio builds on the work of Donald Schon (1983). The reflective practitioner: How professionals think in action. Basic Books. * To illustrate your knowledge and skills in interviews or job appraisals. * To make your teaching visible so that you can: * Ensure that your teaching includes practices that reflect the reasons that you chose this profession. * Reflect on your practice and establish learning goals and/or targets. * Reflect on your practice to determine the extent to which you have achieved these goals and/or targets. * Ensure that your teaching reflects your beliefs about what good teaching should be * And, to celebrate your professionalism. Different Types of Portfolios * Documentation Portfolio: This type is also know as the â€Å"working† portfolio. Specifically, this approach involves a collection of work over time showing growth and improvement reflecting students' learning of identified outcomes. The documentation portfolio can include everything from brainstorming activities to drafts to finished products. The collection becomes meaningful when specific items are selected out to focus on particular educational experiences or goals. It can include the bet and weakest of student work. Process Portfolio: This approach documents all facets or phases of the learning process. They are particularly useful in documenting students' overall learning process. It can show how students integrate specific knowledge or skills and progress towards both basic and advanced mastery. Additionally, the process portfolio inevitably emphasizes students' reflection upon their learning process, including the use of reflective journals, think logs, and related forms of metacognitive processing. * Showcase Portfolio: This type of portfolio is best used for summative evaluation of students' mastery of key curriculum outcomes. It should include students' very best work, determined through a combination of student and teacher selection. Only completed work should be included. In addition, this type of portfolio is especially compatible with audio-visual artifact development, including photographs, videotapes, and electronic records of students' completed work. The showcase portfolio should also include written analysis and reflections by the student upon the decision-making process(es) used to determine which works are included.

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Greg Sirico Essays - McCulloch V. Maryland, Free Essays, Term Papers

Greg Sirico Essays - McCulloch V. Maryland, Free Essays, Term Papers Greg Sirico Adv American Gov. November 14th ?98 McCulloch v Maryland Can congress incorporate a bank? Can a state tax the national government? These were some of the key issues that brought up in the Supreme Court case of McCullloch v Maryland. James Madison, the judge in this case, rules in favor of the National Government. He proclaimed that it was constitutional to have a national bank, and not appropriate for Maryland to tax the bank. Now we turn the tables toward Maryland. In my reasoning I believe that Maryland can uphold their right to tax the national bank, as well as make claims of the ?necessary and proper clause? being incorrect in it?s meaning. Maryland in my opinion holds very good references and ideas which lead me to believe that the national bank should never have been created, and if so created be able to have been taxed. Both points coming from the Constitution. Maryland as well as every other state in the union, has the power to tax. It is a concurrent power, which enables them (Maryland) to obtain the power to tax. The power to tax is the power to create. Since the national bank itself is in Baltimore, I believe the state, in which it is holds ground, which is Maryland, has some type of property tax upon the national bank. In this point we can see how the state government has some kind of right to tax the national bank. Moving forward, we come across the Necessary and Proper Clause (Elastic Clause). It is stated in the Constitution that the government is empowered to imply this clause to issues at hand. The controversy issue is the appropriate definition for this word, necessary. However, necessary in Maryland?s point of view means ?indispensable? and Madison defines it as ?convenient?. Now in this point, it is unjust to provide the national government with such power as this. If it is in fact convenient for the national government, is it convenient for us the people? The answer is no, this gives leverage to Maryland?s argument that necessary should in-fact mean as is. As we can see through my, and the state of Maryland?s view, the national bank should have never been created, and even if such an idea would have been about, it is still reprehensible for taxation. Maryland in my belief was correct in it?s arguments, and points. Now as I conclude, I have shown you my reasons why, and have brought me to my final decision that there really is no equality between the state government and the national government. In seeing this, it is appropriate to believe that the congresses can in-fact do as they PLEASE.

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Clean Air Act essays

Clean Air Act essays Pollution in the United States is getting worse and worse by the day. Poor air quality is a serious issue and health risk in cities throughout the country. The main source of the pollution problem is our transportation. Cars produce roughly one half of the pollution in our cities, and about a quarter of the greenhouse gases. The internal combustion engine is the single largest source of air pollution in the United States. Toxic gases are emitted into the atmosphere as byproducts of the combustion process and also from evaporating gasoline. The main pollutants consist of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons, and particulates, each of which are harmful to the human body and contribute to global warming. Carbon monoxide is the largest pollutant emitted. It attaches to the hemoglobin in the blood and lowers the bloods oxygen-carrying capacity, which causes headaches, drowsiness and blurred vision, and is fatal with prolonged exposure. Hydrocarbons cause eye irritation, coughing, wheezing, shortage of breath and serious lung damage. Nitrogen oxide causes acid rain and taints the quality of our water. Pollution is obviously a very serious problem that is putting each of us risk, as well as damaging our environment. Unfortunately this is not something that can be solved any time soon, however we must make an effort to deal with it. Gasoline is not the only way to power an automobile. There is technology out on the market, along with much more still in development, that provides logical substitutes to our current automobile fuel. Several companies have started mass production of cars that are fueled by both electricity and gasoline, known as hybrids. These hybrids only use gasoline during acceleration and run off an electric battery the remainder of the time. This allows these cars to travel up to 70 miles on one gallon of gas and they are still able to move at speeds ne ...

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The Environmental Impact of Slash and Burn Agriculture

The Environmental Impact of Slash and Burn Agriculture Slash and burn agriculture- also known as swidden or shifting agriculture- is a traditional method of tending domesticated crops that involves the rotation of several plots of land in a planting cycle. The farmer plants crops in a field for one or two seasons  and then lets the field lie fallow for several seasons. In the meantime, the farmer shifts to a field that has lain fallow for several years  and removes the vegetation by cutting it down and burning it- hence the name slash and burn. The ash from the burned vegetation adds another layer of nutrients to the soil, and that, along with the time resting, allows the soil to regenerate. The Best Conditions for Slash and Burn Agriculture Slash and burn agriculture  works best in low-intensity  farming situations when the farmer has plenty of land that he or she can afford to let lay fallow, and it works best when crops are rotated to assist in restoring the nutrients. It has also been documented in societies where people maintain a very broad diversity of food generation; that is, where people also hunt game, fish, and gather wild foods. Environmental Effects of Slash and Burn Since the 1970s or so, swidden agriculture has been described as both a bad practice, resulting in the progressive destruction of natural forests, and an excellent practice, as a refined method of forest preservation and guardianship. A recent study conducted on historical swidden agriculture in Indonesia (Henley 2011) documented the historical attitudes of scholars towards slash and burn and then tested the assumptions based on more than a century of slash and burn agriculture. Henley discovered that the reality is that swidden agriculture can add to deforestation of regions  if the maturing age of the removed trees is much longer than the fallow period used by the swidden agriculturalists. For example, if a swidden rotation is between 5 and 8 years, and the rainforest trees have a 200-700 year cultivation cycle, then slash and burn represents one of what may be several elements resulting in deforestation. Slash and burn is a useful technique in some environments, but not in all. A  special issue of Human Ecology  suggests that the creation of global markets is pushing farmers to replace their swidden plots with permanent fields. Alternatively, when farmers have access to off-farm income, swidden agriculture is maintained as a complement to food security (see Vliet et al. for a summary). Sources Blakeslee DJ. 1993. Modeling the abandonment of the Central Plains: Radiocarbon dates and the origin of the Initial Coalescent. Memoir 27, Plains Anthropologist 38(145):199-214. Drucker P, and Fox JW. 1982. Swidden didn make all that midden: The search for ancient Mayan agronomies. Journal of Anthropological Research 38(2):179-183. Emanuelsson M, and Segerstrom U. 2002. Medieval slash-and-burn cultivation: Strategic or adapted land use in the Swedish mining district? Environment and History 8:173-196. Grave P, and Kealhofer L. 1999. Assessing bioturbation in archaeological sediments using soil morphology and phytolith analysis. Journal of Archaeological Science 26:1239-1248. Henley D. 2011. Swidden Farming as an Agent of Environmental Change: Ecological Myth and Historical Reality in Indonesia. Environment and History 17:525-554. Leach HM. 1999. Intensification in the Pacific: A critique of the archaeological criteria and their applications. Current Anthropology 40(3):311-339. Mertz, Ole. Swidden Change in Southeast Asia: Understanding Causes and Consequences. Human Ecology, Christine Padoch, Jefferson Fox, et al., Vol. 37, No. 3, JSTOR, June 2009. Nakai, Shinsuke. Analysis of Pig Consumption by Smallholders in a Hillside Swidden Agriculture Society of Northern Thailand. Human Ecology 37, ResearchGate, August 2009. Reyes-Garcà ­a, Victoria. Ethnobotanical Knowledge and Crop Diversity in Swidden Fields: A Study in a Native Amazonian Society. Vincent Vadez, Neus Martà ­ Sanz, Human Ecology 36, ResearchGate, August 2008. Scarry CM. 2008. Crop Husbandry Practices in North America’s Eastern Woodlands. In: Reitz EJ, Scudder SJ, and Scarry CM, editors. Case Studies in Environmental Archaeology: Springer New York. p 391-404.

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Business Communication - how to become more effective within the Essay

Business Communication - how to become more effective within the organization - Essay Example These objectives could both be short term as well as long term – both looking to stabilize the working capital of the organization and its different tenets. (Cappelli, 1999) To be effective within a business communication setting, there is a need to have proper and sound policies when it comes to e-mail communication, cross cultural exchange and lastly correct usage of diversification within an organization. E-mails that are sent out in an organization need to be written and sent in a manner which could easily be read and understood by the right mix of audiences that work within an organization. This means that the language used should be readable and easy to interpret. (Jackson, 2007) Any organization would dearly want to have employees who could make out from a variety of different Internet languages, which also brings to light the notion of understanding and comprehending the ‘net lingo’ – the mix of informal Internet language and the common, daily use terms like ‘hey’, ‘u’, ‘f9’ and so on. Cultural differences have been the root cause of the ever-increasing number of issues related with various cultures merged at a single place. It has been going on for a long time and researchers, though trying their best, have not been able to find a suitable remedy for the problem. There are definitely some guidelines attached with the smooth interaction and transfer of cross-cultural issues but they are hard to come by and even harder to implement at the work place, more so if the employees are not that comfortable with the same. (York, 1994) Cross cultural awareness is increased within the companies and its people through effective managers who can bridge the gap between them culturally and socially. It is adopted through extremely viable work styles, cultures and practices within the office work place. Productive relationships between employees result in a better understanding of the business in general and amongst the cross-cultural factions

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Health Sector Service Management Research Paper

Health Sector Service Management - Research Paper Example The research paper â€Å"Health Sector Service Management† discusses various aspects that include a brief overview of wait times of the patients relating with health sector, causes along with their consequences. It is worth mentioning that in order to gain an in-depth knowledge about the prevalence of wait times across the health segment, a cross-examination of two hospitals namely Tawam and Al Ain is considered. One of the critical challenges faced by the healthcare organizations in recent times relating to wait times of the patients is patient satisfaction. Thus, certain challenges and solutions to mitigate these challenges are also depicted in this research paper. In healthcare sector, waiting time is fundamentally regarded as the duration of time that passes particularly between receiving ‘Recommendation for Admission’ form by a hospital and the specific day of the admission of patient in the hospital. In general, waiting time associated with healthcare segmen t is viewed to be a time period between when a specific activity is mandated or requested and its happening. It has been apparently observed in this similar circumstance that if the aforementioned form is arrived at a certain delayed time at the hospital, the waiting time would generally appear quite shorter. Besides, waiting time in healthcare sector is also described as the total time taken by a patient starting from the registration till the consultation with the doctor. There generally exist two sorts of waiting time in this similar circumstance.... There generally exist two sorts of waiting time in this similar circumstance. One type of waiting time is viewed to be the time taken by a patient for making consultation with the doctor and the time taken for obtaining any medicine. The other type is the time taken by a patient particularly in registration is also regarded as one of the components of waiting time of a patient (Abdullah, 2005). The significant concern of waiting time can be related with triaging of patients. In this similar concern, the term â€Å"triage† is fundamentally regarded as a procedure that was initially executed especially by the militaries for the purpose of sorting their soldiers effectually who were wounded in any battle. Generally, ‘triage’is viewed to be the sole method through which healthcare professionals act proficiently towards categorizing the urgency of the medical requirements of the patients resulting in the deliverance of proper, secure and quality medical care to the pat ients. By taking into concern this particular approach of triage, it has been viewed that the prime intention of this process is to make sure that every patient is appropriately as well as timely treated at the time of their any clinical urgency. However, different healthcare organizations have been witnessed to face critical issues concerning waiting time that needs to be mitigated largely in order to support the patients by offering secure and quality medical care to them (Rambaran, 2009). In this research paper, a detailed investigation about a current management of service quality issue or problem faced by an organization today will be taken into concern. In this

How the social resposibilities of ship management business managershas Essay

How the social resposibilities of ship management business managershas changed - Essay Example Their products must be safe to use and the environment to which the workers operate should also be protective. The ship business management managers have also deviated from that social responsibility embodied by the law to that relates to the people's customs and traditions at large with the sole purpose of providing/doing what the people need. Additionally, the business is now recognizing and appreciating people's human rights in interacting with the community. a) The Employees Employees form a major part of the company stakeholders. Unfortunately, this group is rarely looked into when it cares to awarding of benefits, salary increment as a whole. But the ship management business managers have started showing some form of social responsibility towards its employees in the following manner. (Davis and Blomstrom, 1975) a) Fair recruitment & selection exercise - The business managers have started hiring its workforce based on merit, traits exhibited during interviews etc. All the candidates are subjected to similar interviewing environments with the interviewer asking almost similar questions. There have been changes from; embarrassing questions to fair questions; seriousness to friendliness; general appearance to merit; subjectivity to objectivity. 2 b) Improved conflict management criteria - The managers have moved from competition/ authoritative command of conflict management to accommodating/smoothing style of managing conflicts. Competition/authoritative command is where managers used to be in co-operative but assertive. They used to work against the wishes of the employees, fight to dominate and force things to a favourable conclusion through the exercise of authority or power. The managers therefore achieved... They have a care with regard to ethics and moral responsibilities. The ship management business have moved from the traditional responsibilities of maximizing profits by reducing costs unethically and maximizing their revenues is more people oriented goals.Political systems greatly affect firms operations. The new part will have to cope with government strategies or development plans. Expansions of the new post development may be met with stiff resistance of the local authorities on grounds of different government plans on such expansion areas. In some nations, government set out certain rules and regulations regarding the health and safety of the working environment and the part development will have to adjust accordingly. (Griffin and Mahon, 1997)Influence the operations of the new part development.The interest rates in the economy keep on fluctuating and the new part development must adjust accordingly to this. It also has to adhere to the labour laws that exist in that business i ndustry. The economical situations also influence consumer buying behaviour and their bargaining power. The part development will have to re-adjust more during periods of recession than boom periods. In conclusion it is important for the new part development to understand the external environment to which it operates and adjust accordingly because this might have an effect on its resultant profits.

HealthWise Requirement Analysis Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

HealthWise Requirement Analysis - Case Study Example Ltd. to conducts a requirement analysis to establish the needs and requirements of the proposed Information System. Requirement analysis is basic software development activity. The purpose of this phase is to outline business needs based on user interviews, study of existing system of information conducted in the client environment and through other information gathering techniques. Requirement analysis provides the foundation for a solid application development. It is a technical document prepared and finalized by a requirement analyst, which provides user specific details of the proposed system to help software engineers in the development of actual application. It contains several functional and non-functional requirement, user analysis and details of required forms and reports that are deemed essential to fulfill operational needs of the organization and the implementation of the system in client’s environment. Grady (2006, p. 4) states the detail of this process in these words, â€Å"System requirement analysis is a structured or organized methodology for identifying an appropriate set of resources to satisfy a system need and the requirement for those resources that provide a sound basis for the design or selection of those resources.† 2. ... Secondly, the HealthWise is rapidly gaining customers’ confidence and the management can foresee a major expansion of the business network around the globe in the near future. This expansion will not only require a streamlined information system in place but it should also be able to accommodate a fair amount of information supposed to be generated with the business growth. Therefore, HealthWise new Information System (HWIS) is required to be design with this future expansion in mind and should be reasonably sizeable to support the functions of a medium sized enterprise. Keeping in view the problems with the current paper-based system a web-based management information system is proposed by the Technologies & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The system will facilitate decision-making process through its predefined and custom queries and reports. The system will store all information related to distributor, customers, sales and payments in a database. The system will accept input in structu red web forms and will provide on the fly reports pertaining information about distributors, sales volume in dollars, distributor groups and relative performances etc. HWIS will store and present information on all six product lines in an efficient manner. Moreover, HWIS will also accept direct purchase orders from the customer and will provide support to HealthWise staff and distributors to log into the system remotely through Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to access web-based system. HWIS will provide web-based access to its database on verification of authorized login credential in an efficient and timely manner. 3. Design Specifications The system will be designed to support all business processes

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Critical thinking Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Critical thinking - Case Study Example This amounts to 8.5% of the total population. The American Indians are 16 people, while the Asians are 12. In percentage terms, the Indians amount to 0.77%, while that of the Asians was 0.58%. There are also other minority tribes, such as Eskimos and the Pacific Islanders. Their total number amounts to 98, which is 4.9% (Statistical abstract of the United States, 17). St. Juan is a city found in Hidalgo, one of the counties of the state of Texas. The city is located at 26Â °1133"N 98Â °9 10"W, and has an area of 11 square miles. In 2011, the city had a population of 34,091, which was an increase of approximately 30%, as compared to the statistical figures of 2000 (Statistical abstract of the United States, 36). The number of males was 16, 498, and this is a percentage of 48.4%. The female population amounted to 17,593, which represents a percentage of 51.6% (Statistical abstract of the United States, 21). The largest numbers of people in St Juan are the Hispanics, whose number was 32,734 representing a percentage of 96.7%. The Asians were 47, and the blacks were 32, which was a percentage of 0.1 and 0.09 % respectively. The total number of white people was 1012, and this was a percentage of 3%. The minority tribes of the Eskimos and the Pacific have amounted to 10 people, and this contributed to a percentage of 0.03% (Statistical abstract of the United States, 25). The reason as to why the Whites and the Hispanic are the majority in these cities is because they assimilated the minority groups of the Eskimos, the Pacific’s and the Black Americans. The Eskimos and Pacific’s are small in number; this makes them vulnerable to the dominant tribes of the Hispanics and the Caucasians. The Hispanics and the Caucasians intermarried with them, and because of their dominance, they were able to assimilate these groups. This led to the increase of the Hispanics in the St Juan city, and the increase of the whites at the city of St. jo. Intermarriage is an

Clever Marketing for Luxury Goods in the Fashion Industry Essay

Clever Marketing for Luxury Goods in the Fashion Industry - Essay Example The essay "Clever Marketing for Luxury Goods in the Fashion Industry" concerns the clever fashion marketing. It first looked into the number of years that the number of years by which the latter are working as members of the marketing industry within the luxury fashion industry. Seven respondents (11.7%) reported to have been in the luxury fashion industry for less than five years. Meanwhile, twenty two (36.7%) said that they have been employed by the said industry for five to six years. In the same manner, fifteen (25.0%) noted to have been working in such for seven to ten years. Finally, sixteen (26.7%) said that they are within the luxury fashion industry for more than ten years. Aside from determining the number of years that the respondents have stayed within the luxury fashion industry, the researcher also determined which among of the three groups being studied are they a member of. Since this research is aimed towards ensuring the proper representation of the three groups, tw enty respondents (33.3%) were obtained from each. These results are graphically presented in Table 2. As established in the previous chapters of this study, the era wherein fashion was characterized as super exclusive and could only be afforded by the elite has ended (Agins, 2000). In fact, designers are now taking their cues from consumers from the mainstream and creativity has been channeled to the mass-marketing clothes. As a result, members of the industry were seen to have joined financial groups.

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Critical thinking Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Critical thinking - Case Study Example This amounts to 8.5% of the total population. The American Indians are 16 people, while the Asians are 12. In percentage terms, the Indians amount to 0.77%, while that of the Asians was 0.58%. There are also other minority tribes, such as Eskimos and the Pacific Islanders. Their total number amounts to 98, which is 4.9% (Statistical abstract of the United States, 17). St. Juan is a city found in Hidalgo, one of the counties of the state of Texas. The city is located at 26Â °1133"N 98Â °9 10"W, and has an area of 11 square miles. In 2011, the city had a population of 34,091, which was an increase of approximately 30%, as compared to the statistical figures of 2000 (Statistical abstract of the United States, 36). The number of males was 16, 498, and this is a percentage of 48.4%. The female population amounted to 17,593, which represents a percentage of 51.6% (Statistical abstract of the United States, 21). The largest numbers of people in St Juan are the Hispanics, whose number was 32,734 representing a percentage of 96.7%. The Asians were 47, and the blacks were 32, which was a percentage of 0.1 and 0.09 % respectively. The total number of white people was 1012, and this was a percentage of 3%. The minority tribes of the Eskimos and the Pacific have amounted to 10 people, and this contributed to a percentage of 0.03% (Statistical abstract of the United States, 25). The reason as to why the Whites and the Hispanic are the majority in these cities is because they assimilated the minority groups of the Eskimos, the Pacific’s and the Black Americans. The Eskimos and Pacific’s are small in number; this makes them vulnerable to the dominant tribes of the Hispanics and the Caucasians. The Hispanics and the Caucasians intermarried with them, and because of their dominance, they were able to assimilate these groups. This led to the increase of the Hispanics in the St Juan city, and the increase of the whites at the city of St. jo. Intermarriage is an

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Assignment 6.26 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

6.26 - Assignment Example The find it difficult to live in between two pay checks. Thus it is found that as per the theory of intersecting forms of dominion some get to live a harder life while others live a good life. According to the matrix of dominion it is stated that the experience of people regarding race, class gender and sexuality is different and dependent upon the social location of the people in the structures of race, class, sexuality and gender. In the example of waging a living it is therefore found that the 4 peoples who are talked about belong to different race, gender and color of skin. However all of them face the same difficulty when it comes to running their daily lives based on the wages that they earn. These people of different age groups and different levels of work are linked by the fact that despite working hard for living they feel that they are hustling backwards. The forces that are at act in waging a living are at one hand the forces that are acting towards the oppression of people on one hand and the determination and will of people on the other hand that is forcing or urging them to continue the fight. However the way they fight is different. However all of them have one thing in common and this is related to not resigning to their fates. There are various institutions that have an impact on the lives of the people. One is the government and its role in providing subsidy, then there are educational institutions that shape careers and determine the level of jobs which one gets and then there are unions through which people strive for a better living. The concept refers to the fact that there are multiple practices which leads to the creation of differing and unequal situations in relation to access and control over the means that are related to provisioning and survival (Acher, 2006). For example in the case of Barbara Brooks it was found that as

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Advantages Of The Plasma Antenna Information Technology Essay

Advantages Of The Plasma Antenna Information Technology Essay An antenna is a device that sends or accepts electromagnetic waves. It changes electromagnetic waves into electric currents, and electric currents to electromagnetic waves. Antennas are used to send and receive waves from the radio frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Antennas are used in radio and television broadcasting, spacecraft communication, point-to-point radio communication like walkie-talkie system, hand phones, radar, and wireless LAN. An antenna is a setup of one or more electrical conductors, also called elements. In the transmission of an antenna, a voltage is applied at the antenna terminals to produce an alternating current (A.C) in the elements, thus causing the elements to produce an electromagnetic field as an effect. In reception, the reverse happens: an electromagnetic wave from an external source induces an alternating current in the elements and a matching voltage at the antennas terminals. Some receiving antennas use shaped reflective surfaces to collect the radio waves hitting them and direct or focus them onto the elements. Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894) built some of the first primitive antennas in 1888 in his experiments to prove that electromagnetic waves exist as inferred by the James Clerk Maxwells theory. One of the antennas he built was the dipole antenna, which will be explained in detail in the Supporting Theory section of this report. He published his work and installation design in Annalen der Physik und Chemie (vol. 36, 1889). In 1919, J Hettinger was granted a patent for the concept of a plasma antenna. A plasma antenna is a type of antenna that is currently in development in which plasma is used to replace the metal elements of a normal antenna. A plasma antenna can be used for transmission and reception, just like normal radio antennas. Plasma antennas have only become practical in recent years, where high speed internet connection is an important necessity to all. Currently, Plasma Antennas (a company) in Winchester of the United Kingdoms have developed a plasma antenna which they named Plasma Silicon Antenna or PSiAN. FINDINGS 2.1 SUPPORTING THEORY 2.1.1à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ ANTENNA Here is an explanation of how a traditional antenna works. There are many types of antennas that have been designed by humans over the years but for simplicitys sake, the explanation here will describe how a dipole antenna works. A dipole antenna is an antenna that can be built using a simple wire with a driven element in the centre. It consists of two metal conductors of rod or wire, arranged parallel and in line with each other, with a small space between them. The radio frequency voltage is applied to the driven element at the center, between the two conductors. These antennas are the most primitive practical antennas. They are used mostly in traditional rabbit ears television antennas. 450_wide.jpg How the antenna transmits signals: First, a voltage is applied to the antenna terminal (in this case, the driven element in the centre) to produce a potential difference in between the opposite ends of the two conducting wires. When a potential difference exists, there will be a flow of electrons, which in turn produces a current. Say that the electrons from end A are moving towards end B at maximum speed. When they reach end B, they will stop instantaneously. End B is now negatively charged whereas end A is positively charged. The electrons are attracted to the positive charges at end A and move back towards A at maximum speed. Now, the charges at both ends are reversed. This back and forth movement of the electrons produces an alternating current in the conducting wires. When there is an alternating current in the metal conductors, electromagnetic waves are produced. These waves are the signals being transmitted by the antenna. How the antenna receives signals: On the other hand, the entire process is reversed for the antenna to receive signals. Electromagnetic waves from an external source reach the conducting wires. The electromagnetic field is cut by the conducting wires, causing an alternating current to flow in the conducting wires. Consequently, when there is a current flowing in the wires, a voltage will exist too. The antenna receives the alternating current as its signal. 2.1.2 à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ PLASMA Contrary to popular belief, there are actually four states of matter in existence: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Plasma contains fields, charged particles like ions and electrons, and also neutral particles. Plasma is capable of conducting electricity and generating magnetic fields. 2.1.3 à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ PLASMA ANTENNA In the plasma antenna, the traditional metal conductor of the normal antenna is replaced with plasma. This technology employs the electrical conductivity of the substance, plasma, to conduct the electrical currents and so generate the electromagnetic waves necessary to transmit the signal. There are two types of plasma antennas, the gas antenna and the semi-conductor antenna. The gas antenna is an antenna with ionised gas enclosed in a tube as the conductor.A wide assortment of gases can be used to produce the plasma, such as Group 18 elements like neon, argon, xenon, krypton and other gases like mercury vapour and helium. When the gases are ionised, they will be a composition of positive ions and electrons, which provides us with plasma. plasma_antenna.jpg Another type of plasma antenna is known as the semi-conductor antenna. These plasma antennas rely on silicon chips through which electricity is passed though to release a cloud of electrons, which then serves as the plasma. twoantennaqu.jpg Silicon chips in the semiconductor antenna Similar to the way a normal antenna functions, the plasma antenna basically transmits and receives signals the same way. Both the transmission and reception processes involve the movement of electrons and the production of electromagnetic waves. The only difference between the normal antenna and the plasma antenna is the conducting element. That said, the plasma antenna entails more advantages and benefits as compared to the traditional antenna. 2.2 ANALYSIS 2.2.1 à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ ADVANTAGES OF THE PLASMA ANTENNA 1. Plasma antennas are invisible to radar. When the plasma antenna is not turned on, radar will find it difficult to detect the antenna. Even if the plasma antenna is turned on, it is invisible to signals above the plasma frequency. This makes it hard for the plasma antenna signals to be intercepted or detected by anyone other than the intended recipient. Clearly, this particular aspect of the plasma antenna makes it ideal for use by the military to transmit and receive secret instructions and information. 2. The plasma antenna allows for extremely short pulses, unlike a normal metal antenna. When electricity is passed through a metal conductor, an effect known as ringing occurs, that is an extra burst of electricity flow through the conductor for an extremely short while when there is a sudden change of input (like when the pulse is short). This wastes energy and causes unwanted electromagnetic waves to be produced. With the plasma antenna, ringing is totally eliminated. 3. Plasma antenna technology allows for the design of antennas that are efficient, light, and smaller than traditional antennas. With the metal conductors replaced with either silicon chips or gas, the plasma antenna is lighter and more portable than the metal antenna. 4. The plasma antenna is dynamically reconfigurable, which means that the handlers of the antenna can freely change the frequency, gain, polarization, power, directionality and beamwidth of the signal. The implications of this advantage is that instead of needing multiple normal antennas, we can just use a single plasma antenna, reducing cost and saving space. 5. The plasma antenna is capable of transmitting signals at an extremely fast speed. In the plasma semiconductor antenna, by selectively activating certain diodes, the handler is able to focus the electromagnetic waves produced into a beam, which travels faster than a wave. 2.2.2 à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ DISADVANTAGES OF THE PLASMA ANTENNA AND SOLUTIONS 1. According to a scientist who is involved in the development of the plasma antenna, Ted Handerson, Haleakala RD, Brookfield, Massachusetts, the semi-conductor version of the plasma antenna is limited to high frequencies, which makes certain applications difficult. For example, Wi-Gig routers operating at 60Ghz cannot penetrate walls. Solution: The signals can be reflected off surfaces to reach their destination instead. For example, Wi-Gig routers will emit the signals, which will then reflect off the physical surfaces of the walls to reach the computer or device. 2. The ionizer increases power consumption. More energy is required to ionize the gases or to make the silicon chips release electrons. Therefore, plasma antennas actually use more power than normal antennas. Solution: Other technologies to reduce power consumption of plasma antennas can be considered or developed in the future. One current example is the Antenna Integrated Radio Solution developed by the partnership between Ericsson and Kathrein-Werke KG. In this design, the antenna is built into the radio unit to cut installation time and power consumption greatly. This design has the potential to be tailored so that it works for plasma antennas as well. 3. Plasma volumes must be stable and repeatable. When a gas is ionised, not all 100% of the gas will ionise to become plasma. With silicon chips, it is reasonable to say that the amount of electrons released by the silicon when heated or charged will vary from time to time. Thus it is imperative that the volume of plasma generated each time should be the same. The amount of plasma existing during a transmission or reception should also be the stable and not fluctuate. Only then will the electromagnetic waves transmitted be stable. Solution: Perhaps one way of controlling plasma emission by the ionised gases and silicon chips would be to keep the current flowing through it constant, thereby exciting only a certain amount of particles, and producing a fixed volume of plasma. 2.2.3 à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ APPLICATIONS OF THE PLASMA ANTENNA The plasma antenna has high potential to be used in the military sector, as it is hard to be detected by radar. This is good for the military to send and receive top secret documents or instructions. As signals radiated by a plasma antenna is hard to intercept and therefore hard to be blocked, the plasma antenna is said to be resistant to electronic warfare, a strategy commonly employed by enemy countries. Not only that, but the plasma antenna can be used in radio and television broadcasting. The signals emitted by the plasma antenna tend to be stronger than the signals emitted by the normal metal antenna, thus causing the radio waves to last longer without damping and being extinguished. The consequence of this implication is that radio broadcasting companies no longer need to build so many relay stations and towers to relay the signal to further areas. As a result, the plot of land can be used for industrial or residential purposes, or preserved to save nature. 44thSignalTower.jpg A signal relay tower Another market application for the plasma antenna is to be installed on ships and submarines. Submarines require stealth to complete the mission of its crew, and so having a plasma antenna would be of great benefit. For fishing ships that require echolocation to locate the position of fish in deep sea, the plasma antenna will also be advantageous. The signals emitted by the plasma antenna can be adjusted to high frequency, thus able to penetrate miles and miles of seawater. One very relevant application of the plasma antenna is in wireless Internet, like Wi-Gig. Wi-Gig provides faster Internet connection to users than is provided by Wi-Fi. A faster Internet connection means that users will be more productive and save time. The economy of the country can be improved as more work can be done in a shorter time. Activities like downloading podcasts, movies and music at fast speeds can be done even using wireless Internet connection. This is clearly an advantage for mobile users. Another application of the plasma antenna is its role in improving public safety networks. Devices like CCTVs around a neighbourhood or city are usually connected in a video surveillance network. These devices are used to prevent crimes from happening, or as video evidence in court. Clearly, these devices are also important in tracking down criminals who are escaping. If any of the devices are malfunctioning or have suffered malevolent damage by terrorists, it is possible for a handler from the public safety department to reroute traffic through backhaul networks using plasma antennas. public.safety.networks.jpg It is also possible that plasma antennas can be used in space communication. Plasma antennas which prove to be lighter than normal antennas can serve as communication devices on jet planes, commercial planes, and even space shuttles. For example, scientists and researchers working at the NASA Glenn Research Centre have filed and received a patent for a slotted antenna waveguide plasma source. 3.0 RECOMMENDATIONS After doing all this research on the plasma antenna, this section will be about my recommendations on how the plasma antenna can benefit Malaysians in particular. As mentioned before this, the plasma antenna is crucial in the development of Wi-Gig, wireless Internet connection faster than the Wi-Fi. In Malaysia, Wi-Fi is actually considered very slow if compared to other countries like the US and Korea. If the Internet providers if our country can upgrade their antennas with plasma antennas, our wireless Internet connection will no doubt speed up by 10 times. Malaysians will be able to download their favourite songs and movies while on the move. The plasma antenna can also be used by the TV broadcasting companies of our nation. ASTRO, for example, would certainly improve its service by upgrading to plasma antennas. Currently, Malaysians complain that whenever it rains, their reception of ASTRO faces problems. Often, they cannot receive a connection when the weather is bad. According to ASTRO, the radio waves that their satellites emit cannot penetrate through the thick layer of clouds and rain to reach the consumers home. rain_fade.JPG In my opinion, if they switch to plasma antennas, they can use the electromagnetic wave focussing ability of the plasma antenna to send out beams instead of waves. Beams would certainly have higher penetration power and can penetrate through cloud and rain to reach the customers homes. 4.0 CONCLUSION In conclusion, the plasma antenna works according to the same principles and physics laws as the normal antenna, with plasma replacing the metal conductors of the normal antenna. But because the conducting material used is plasma, it affords some advantages over a normal antenna. The most notable advantage of the plasma antenna is the fact that it is practically invisible to radar and can release short pulses of signals. Therefore, the military of US is currently racing to implement the plasma antenna into their existing systems. Also, another advantage of the plasma antenna is that it can pave the way towards faster wireless Internet, which is certainly needed by most users nowadays, whether it be for entertainment or business purposes. Although the plasma antenna has some disadvantages, these can be overcome using the problems respective solutions. Who knows, in the future somebody may design and manufacture plasma antennas after solving all disadvantages of the plasma antenna. What is certain though is the fact that plasma antennas are commercially viable and are expected to enter the market in 2011 or 2012. Because the manufacturing price of plasma antenna is quite low compared to normal antennas, it would be best if Malaysia can manufacture plasma antennas as a way to widen the jobs available.

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The crying game Essay -- essays research papers fc

 ¡Ã‚ §Texts both inform us of the social identities available to us, and problematize them; both police our social selves and subvert them. ¡Ã‚ ¨ Both texts, The Crying Game by Neil Jordan and Loaded by Christos Tsiolkas, use characters within the discourse to project social identities that have been problematized due to social constraints. Throughout this essay, I will focus on sexuality, as this type of social identity has been depicted as a central theme in both texts. The characters from the texts work to, police and subvert their own sexual identities within their social milieu.  ¡Ã‚ §To claim an identity as a homosexual is to claim a place in a system of social regulation ¡Ã‚ ¨ (Connell & Dowsett, 1992). I would firstly like to establish the fact that homosexuality, in its most general sense, has been argued to have been socially constructed, therefore sexuality, in this case homosexuality, has to be considered a form of social identity. I support this with Freud ¡Ã‚ ¦s theory that sexuality is a result of social processes whether it be within the family, cultural, class etc., all such processes assist in forming a particular sexual identity,  ¡Ã‚ § sexualities are not received as a package ¡K.is arrived at by a highly variable and observable process of construction, not by an  ¡Ã‚ ¥unfolding ¡Ã‚ ¦ of the natural; and that social process is deeply implicated into this construction. ¡Ã‚ ¨ (Connell & Dowsett, 1992). The Crying Game and Loaded, exhibit sexual identities yet in different ways.  ¡Ã‚ §Liberal Humanism ¡Ã‚ ¨ was concerned with universal humanism which tended to homogenise various types of gays and lesbians. It was  ¡Ã‚ §Identity Politics ¡Ã‚ ¨, which was bench- marked in western countries throughout the 1960 ¡Ã‚ ¦s, that appealed to Liberal Humanism and saw that everybody had a right to express themselves and their identities. It was this recognition that distinguished identities within the  ¡Ã‚ §homosexual identity ¡Ã‚ ¨. The increase of sexual personae, diversified drag queens, dykes, macho gays, and from The Crying Game, transvestites. Throughout the novel Loaded, These diversities of homosexual identities were captured. The central character, Ari, repeatedly makes the distinction between these identities and refuses to be homogenised into such a broad identity,  ¡Ã‚ §I hate the word gay. I hate the word homosexual. ¡Ã‚ ¨ Ari would be defined as... ...eks. ¡Ã‚ ¨ Ari admits that this is because the Greek culture is renowned for their gossip and the fact that he is gay would somehow get back to his family,  ¡Ã‚ §Someone may know a friend of my parents, or know an uncle. Greeks have big mouths and word can get around. ¡Ã‚ ¨ It is this example that shows that relation between a person ¡Ã‚ ¦s sexual identity and cultural identity cannot be separated and thus form a trap. Through examples of identity, ethnicity, sexuality, gender and the body from both the film The Crying Game and the book Loaded, I have endeavoured to reveal how social conventions problematize certain identities. Focusing on sexual identities from both texts, it is seen that characters police their social selves and subvert them using their  ¡Ã‚ §homosexual identity ¡Ã‚ ¨. Bibliography „h Loaded, Christos Tsiolkas, 1998 „h The Crying Game, Neil Jordan, 1992 „h Cultural Studies and the New Humanities, Fuery & Mansfield, 1997 „h Rethinking Sex, Connell & Dowsett, 1992 „h Gender As Seriality: Thinking About Women as a Social Collective, Iris Marion Young, 1997 „h The Internationalization of Gay and Lesbian Identities, Dennis Altman, 1998

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hamlet :: essays research papers

In the story â€Å"Hamlet†, written by William Shakespeare, the main character Hamlet starts to loose his mind, and goes completely crazy. He starts to go crazy shortly after his father’s death, because his mother married his uncle the new king of Denmark. And later in the story his girlfriend leaves because she is forced by her father to leave him for the good of her own and her fathers.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When his father was killed no one knew who really killed him, everyone thought that his just died of natural causes. By soon Hamlets father’s ghost started to appear, some of the night watch men saw him and they thought that it would be a good idea to let Hamlet know about it. So later that night Hamlet and the night watch men went out on patrol and that’s when Hamlets dad’s ghost appeared to him. Hamlet followed him into the woods and that’s where he spoke to it. The ghost told him the whole story about how his brother poured poison into his ear and killed him to take over the throne. The ghost asked him to avenge his death. And that’s when Hamlet started to go crazy.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Hamlet was a bit sadden by his mothers actions, she went off and married her brother in law, which was the Kings brother, only two weeks after his death, and she had already forgotten about her other husband. Hamlet didn’t really know what his mother was thinking when she did this. But after the ghost appeared to him and he knew the truth he thought that his mother might have had something to do with the murder. Soon Hamlet starts to find ways to kill his uncle. One for killing his father, and the other for marrying his mother. Hamlet tries to put get his uncle to confess to the murder by making plays about how his father was killed and then how his mother goes off and marries his brother. He tries to talk to his mother but his mom thinks that he crazy and doesn’t really believe him.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Then his girlfriend leaves him because she was forced by her father to do so because he didn’t want his daughter to be with a mad man, and because it was going to make him look bad. So when she does leave him Hamlet gets heart broken and really goes over the edge.

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Relation to God-Talk Essay

In his writings, St. Thomas Aquinas made possible the merging together of classical philosophy and Christian theology. Within this universe of discourse, one may agree that it is important for human beings to have the correct idea about God’s will. In as far as the Catholic faith is concerned, the need to arrive at a fuller understanding of God’s will serves as both the sufficient and necessary condition for the institution of the Creed. A person’s idea about will of God would ultimately determine the kind of life that a person would lead; the direction that a person would take. However, not all human beings are willing and able to seek the will of God in the Scriptures. Aquinas’ knowledge by analogy makes possible the tasks of understanding God and teaching the will of God. â€Å"Aquinas uses these analogies or examples to illustrate how the scientific form of sacred teaching might work† (Brown, 1999, p. 4). By analogy, Aquinas understands it to be an ontological term. The term refers to the nature or being of a thing. Thus, in this universe of discourse, analogy refers to the nature or being of the God. The concept of analogy implies is that what is in God is also in us (human beings). Such analogical relationship between God and us accurately captured by the concept of resemblance. By resemblance, Aquinas points out that human beings are (in some degree) what God uniquely is. Such a relationship is analogical because we are linked together by common attributes. In short, there is something within us that we share with God. Wisdom, for example is both in God and human beings although differing in degree and the manner in which such knowledge is attained. In the final analysis, understanding God and the will of God becomes a possibility because of knowledge by analogy. God-Talk becomes possible because there is something within us that we share with God. By painstakingly studying the Scriptures and employing deductions, it is also possible to arrive at a systematic body of knowledge like the Creed which would constitute the doctrine of the Church; helpful not only to the theologian but for the average believer. Reference Brown, S. F. (Ed. ). (1999). On Faith and Reason. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing.

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Twain’s problematic ending of Huck Finn

The adventures of Huckleberry Finn is known as one novel that has brought controversy from the time it was published in the year 1884 (Pearl par 1). It was banned in major public libraries many referring to it as â€Å"trash. † Currently, many regard it as a classical American novel though others still critic it in one area or the other. It is a novel from where â€Å"all modern literature† was derived and modern scholars and critics now treats it as great work of art in America (Pearl par. 1). Perhaps the greatest irony is that though it received great criticism, of all the MT’s novels, it is the one that sold most immediately when it was published. Hunk Finn, as it is commonly referred to, is set in the Mississippi river town of St. Petersburg, Missouri and the various locations along that river through Arkansas (SparkNotes, screen 21). The major conflict in the novel is portrayed as the main character (protagonist), Huck struggles with a society (antagonist) that is trying to civilize him. The conflict is also intensified as Hunk deals with Jim who is a black slave; since Hunk must decide whether to reject Jim and please the society or protect him and follow his conscience. This essay shows that Twain’s ending of the novel betrays the true subject of the work. The novel ends with the three boys Huck, Tom and Jim escaping from a shed where they had been surrounded by about fifteen farmers guarding Jim, the black slave (Twain 361). They make a hole in the wall to escape but as they does, Tom makes some noise and what follows is the shooting that leaves a bullet in Tom’s leg who portrays himself a hero. However, Huck and Jim are concerned about the condition of the leg and upon Jim’s suggestion; they go to look for a doctor. This only worsens things for Jim who is captured by the locals and is chained as they bring Tom home on a mattress accompanied by the doctor. By this time Huck has already run home having left the two boys alone. The locals have decided to hang Jim though no one does it as they are afraid of compensating the slave owner. They are therefore left with no other option than to treat Jim roughly until the time when the doctor comes and saves him by explaining that it is him who in fact saved Tom’s leg from deteriorating by nursing him (Twain 377). When Tom however learns that Jim was still in chains, he reveals to them that in fact Jim had already been set free thus was no longer a slave. This allows the reader to glimpse the character trait of Tom. Though he had known all along that Miss Wanton who had died two months earlier had set Jim free in her will, he did not say it because he felt that they needed to device a good plan to rescue Jim. If he had said it earlier, Jim could not have gone through the sufferings that he had experienced. Huck arrived and on enquiring from Tom what he would do if Jim was freed; he replied that he planned to repay Jim for all his troubles and sending him off as a hero. And he said, what he had planned in his head from the start, if we got Jim out all safe, was for us to run him down the river on the raft, and have adventures plumb to the mouth of the river, and then tell him about his being free, and take him back up home on a steamboat, in style, and pay him for his lost time, and write word ahead and get out all the niggers around, and have them waltz him into town with a torchlight procession and a brass-band, and then he would be a hero, and so would we (Twain 387). The Phelpses and Aunt Polly release Jim and feed him on hearing that he helped the doctor to nurse Tom. He is also given forty dollars as a payment for all his troubles (Twain 387). Tom and Huck are not through with their adventure and plan to go for another one to the Indian territories. Huck thinks that Pap had taken all the money but it is Jim who informs him that in fact the dead man he had seen in a floating house was Pap (a cruel and drunk father). It is clear that though the writer of the novel was initially heading to the right direction in his writing, he â€Å"looses focus† (it may have been intentionally) as he comes to end of the novel in the way he presents the relationship between Huck and Jim. All along, the two boys had been together passing through hardships and challenges during their adventure. They are seen doing different things together; for example have to hide the inheritance of the Silk sisters in a coffin away from the greedy â€Å"King† and â€Å"Duke. Huck even comes to a time when he had to decide whether to give the remaining Gherkin (food) from his provisions to Jim or take it himself (Paine Par. 20). Therefore every reader expects Huck’s emotional attachment with Jim to grow. However when Tom appears, a different picture is portrayed with Huck remaining quiet when, they endanger Jim’s life by not telling Phelpses that Jim had already been released by the former Slave master and instead decides to device a plan as part of their adventure. When Jim goes to get the doctor, Huck leaves and runs to his uncle’s place leaving his friend. So then I crept into a lumber-pile to get some sleep; and next time I waked up the sun was away up over my head! I shot out and went for the doctor's house, but they told me he'd gone away in the night some time or other, and warn't back yet. Well, thinks I, that looks powerful bad for Tom, and I'll dig out for the island right off. So away I shoved, and turned the corner, and nearly rammed my head into Uncle Silas's stomach! (Twain 367). The other problem arises because though the novel’s subject is directed to the theme of freedom, at the end Jim who is supposed to be free is not still free. This can be attributed to the mistake that Tom made though intentionally. Jim, who has been technically free for all that time they were in the adventure, is still bound in chains, first in the home of Phelpses before the escape and then by the locals who captured him when he went to bring the doctor who would treat Tom. It is ridiculous that Miss Wanton can not set Jim free when she is alive and has to wait till she dies and does it in her will. Old Miss Watson died two months ago, and she was ashamed she ever was going to sell him down the river, and said so; and she set him free in her will. â€Å"(Twain 383) In conclusion, it is clear that the work of Mark Twain was based on the theme of racism, slavery and freedom thus different readers can critic it using different views. The plot flows smoothly from the beginning but the problem arises in the ending as the reader is left wondering why there is no development in Huck’s character -who is the protagonist and who is supposed to develop in all areas as the plot develops.

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Analysis and Interpretation of Don Juan

Analysis and Interpretation of Don Juan canto 1 stanza LXV to LXX: Don Juan was written by Lord Byron. He started writing it from 1818. The manuscript was not complete at the time of Byron's death in 1824. Byron coined the term â€Å"Byronic Hero†. Don Juan is definitely a Byronic Hero. He has all the Characteristics of a Byronic Hero. This poem constantly takes me back to the 1800s, because at that time women had no rights at all. If they married someone then they were treated like property of their husbands and if they stayed single then their parents dictated every single thing she did with every single person.For most part women were not allowed to stay single unless they were nuns or prostitutes. Even when they were married they were not allowed to hold control of inherited wealth. They did not have the right to own a slave or even vote. Women were economically dependent. If a woman did something wrong and people find out about it, she would be tainted and blemished forev er and also banished from society but if a man does the same thing or even worse, he could still be able to hold his head up high in society. Julia married Alfonso only because she had to. Alfonso never showed his jealousy because nobody likes a jealous person.Alfonso cared about what people thought and he was cleaver and careful. He never wanted people to know about his illegal affairs. I personally think Donna Inez is a psychopath and a Sociopath both. I mean why else would she use her son to destroy the relationship of her lover and his wife. Julia is not as complicated as Inez. Julia does not realize what Inez had in her mind. I think she thought Inez actually wanted to be her friend. Being a simple girl Julia probably didn’t know about Alfonso and Inez’s affair. When Juan was a child Julia showed affection for him but that was just normal and innocent.When Juan hit puberty something changed between both of them. They felt attracted to each other. As a grown woman Julia realized why she was feeling this way. But Juan is completely different. His mother never let him mix and mingle with people of his own age. At first he didn’t even realize what was happening to him. This poem follows a third person point of view. In these stanza’s Byron talks about lot of important issues but the tone is always humorous and satiric. Don Juan is a lot like Byron himself. The difference is Byron was highly educated and Juan had no interest in that line.


JUVENILE DELINQUENCY AMONG MINORITIES COMPARED TO NON-HISPANIC WHITES - Research Paper Example ermining the nature of a child but in order to solve the problem related to childhood delinquency the most important aspect is to realize the requirement of a child and provide him with proper emotional nourishment, going beyond the extent of social, cultural or religious discrimination. At the same time, parents also have to be more tolerant and understanding; consequently they must also realize that their arbitrary actions can harm the child worst in their psychology. Providing proper support to children, especially when it comes from parents, is the best possible way to reduce the problems related to juvenile delinquency. The increasing peace of social cosmopolitanism, though on several occasions, has been encouraged by sociologists with the expectation that it reflects the ideals of social tolerance and harmonized existence, however, in reality, the entire situation is far from being real. Globalization, evolution of human rights and revoking the principles of universal brotherhood are some of the important factors that aspired scholars, intellectual and common people to wish for a better socio-cultural existence. The reality has emerged as quite contradictory to the expected situation and by remaining far from realizing the basic aspects of human existence, people have remained hostile against accepting religious, racial and cultural differences normally and they have remained on an uncompromising stance in providing adequate recognition to their fellow counterparts that have different social, religious and cultural upbringing. The social structure of nations like the United States is a bright exam ple in support of the observation as cultural and racial conflicts are predominating factors, emerging as essential barriers when it comes to attainment of social tranquility and harmony. Among several factors, such as, racial tensions, cultural discrimination and socio-religious oppression, juvenile delinquency among minorities is one of the most predominating

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A Positive Concept Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A Positive Concept - Essay Example It should be known that truth is immortal and man without truth is nothing but life less. Life is not meant to be lived just for the sake of pleasure of senses, but for the purpose of realizing truth and living by it in all means. One of the greatest philosophers who strived for truth and righteousness was Socrates, the famous Greek thinker. â€Å"Socrates' main focus throughout his public teaching life was the acquiring by the individual of self-knowledge. He believes that goodness and truth, positive essences and pure ethical and moral† (Burgess,2011) . This indeed explains us the value of truthful living and the way in which it helps a person to attain bliss and immortality. However, living a truth life is not simple and comfortable as one has to come across many difficulties and hurdles in the process. Only a person who has attained the knowledge about self has the motivation and passion to walk the journey of life with truth. A person has the freedom to live life at his o wn will, but wisdom and knowledge prompt him to discard immoral life and return to virtuous and happy life. â€Å"We all tend to intellectualize the road of a virtuous life , when all we need to do is believe in a few simple natural laws , formulated thousand of years ago by interacted with God† (Joubert,2009,pg.1).It is not very difficult to follow the path of truth if you realize the law of nature. Nature being the mother of all beings, has bestowed us with all bounties to achieve happiness and bliss. Fortunately, every human being knows that happiness is the element that he is seeking and desiring in every phase of his life. As Per ( Babuta, 2010)â€Å"Some people may be created happier than others, with enjoyment of life programmed into their hardwiring. For others, getting to happiness isn't always that simple. You weren't programmed that way†. It may be a surprising fact, that the truth and happiness are the two things that go hand – in – hand and o ne who is leading an immoral life can never be happy in true sense. To be moral and truthful to oneself is the biggest achievement of life and every person should work and strive to achieve this purpose. â€Å"A moral skeptic might be the sort of person who says â€Å"All this talk of morality is tripe† who will reject morality and take no notice of it all. Such a person in a way is rejecting all moral judgments and truth wholly†(Mc cord,1988,pg.96) Most people think that morality and truthfulness can be attained solely from religion. However, religion is a basis and foundation for finding truth but only self realization and truth of divine can persuade someone to persuade a truthful living. â€Å"Once the ultimate metaphysical or religious position is takes as truth, morality or truthful living becomes impossible without religion, and religion become impossible without reality† (Chacko, 1986,pg.9).The truth is the reality and one has to go on a long quest to un derstand and establish truth in one’s life. By truth it is meant that, a person will achieve bliss and happiness eternally and not only in his present life. However, to achieve blissful life the most important think is to understand divine and love all the creations of the Almighty with true heart. The most important aspect of truth is love, this feeling and emotion is what makes the foundation of universe. The Almighty has

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Naval Hospital Guam Color Guard Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Naval Hospital Guam Color Guard - Article Example I ask you all to take that on as a true mission in the year ahead." On November 11, 2007 during the Veterans Day ceremony, Hospitalman Stephen Cendana of the U.S. Naval Hospital Guam took part in the Joint Color Guard that presented the flags at the honoring observance rite. Island residents and military dignitaries attended the event held at the Ricardo J. Bordallo Complex in Adelup to pay tribute to the veterans. The military tradition of duty, honor, and freedom resounded at the commemoration celebration. Scott Duenas, a navy veteran and one of the sixteen (16) Veterans of the Year expressed his pride for being part of the tradition of patriotism. Duenas said: "There's a lot of people who went before me. And today we've got other veterans serving on active duty and we also need to honor them." Hospitalman Cendana of the U.S. Naval Hospital Guam spoke of the great honor in taking part of the ceremonial Joint Color Guard that presented the flags because they represented not only the Navy but also the Armed Forces of the United States with many a number of decorated veterans in attendance. The annals of the U.S.

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Perspective on Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Perspective on Business - Essay Example Business should in essence earn profits for its own good. This statement holds true for the business as a whole but the manner in which he has explained the statement suggests that business has to do a lot of social service work apart from the usual profit earning exercises that it usually undertakes on a consistent basis. Because of this, the aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has come about to the fold. This phenomenon is internal to an organization; as it dictates the manner in which it has to plan about the courses of action it has to carry out with respect to the society. This term basically deals with the organization’s set of operations that it carries out for the welfare of the society while existing within itself. However bringing in profits remains a significant aspect no matter what the ethical domains turn out to be. This is a reality and shall remain to be in the long range scheme of things. Moving on further with the discussion at hand regarding the responsibility of business units, we see that these concepts can be applied to a business in a very innovative fashion as well. The company can invest in the social arena with much return in mind, not in the short-term but of course in the long run. Such is the example of Shell, which has introduced education programs for children all over the globe thus acting as a consumer-friendly company. People in return like to buy products of Shell because it gives them the pleasure that some proportion of the money earned by Shell would be spent on its different social and literary programs. Culturally, this can prove to be a very vital agent that can really highlight the problem areas of different people within a particular environment and then go about correcting and reforming them in the best manner possible with the aid of funds and grants1. This is the basic way in which the business has been acting to do something for the sake of community welfare. The companies from the economic aspec ts can earn a due share with arranging all sorts of cultural activities in the name of charity that will benefit their cause and help the poor and needy. Speaking truly from an ethical viewpoint, it is the duty of any business that exists to satisfy a customer through its products and/or services to be responsive towards their needs and defer the financial sides concerned with the company. It is important though not to ignore the monetary aspect but to remain in the business in the first place for the ones the business is being done, it is essential to situate the resources onto them and then move on forward expanding the market share and the like. There are a number of companies that have continued to divest the consumers of their basic rights in the name of achieving certain financial ratios. However doing so does mean putting the business’ long term strategy at risk as the customers and the remaining stakeholders would not appreciate the fact that the enterprise does not v alue their concerns rather goes after the financial side. The need and thus the opportunity in the business world of present times is to get ourselves noticed and make the companies realize of their responsibilities that they owe to the customers. It is imperative on the part of the respective company’s leadership to understand that customers alone could shape up the future and visionary characteristics of the company and thus they have to be

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Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 81

Essay Example On the onset of the operating of the business demographically our target market is mostly women 25-40 years of age working full-time and earning above average income. We are planning to operate the company in the U.S and following are the strategies that we intend to apply. Our business is called â€Å"Holistically shredded†. We deliver total body and mind transformations via tailored personal training sessions, professional nutritional meal plans, naturopathy consultations and motivational support. Our business will be operating from Hard Candy gym at Sydney CBD. Legal form of ownership is sole trader as it is easy to establish. Our products and services include various personal training sessions, professional nutritional meal plans, and naturopathy consultations and also provide motivational support. Various recreational exercises including squat, leg extension, and others are major part of our products and services. We also frame various nutritional and diet plans for various people; these plans vary accordingly with the interest of individuals (Czinkota, 2012). Furthermore, we also facilitate our customers by motivating and encouraging them to follow their diet plans. We are having separate plans for such individuals to encourage them to follow their fitness and nutritional plans. The target market the health organization would aim at would be a various number of groups of people. One of these aggregations of individuals might be individuals looking to get thinner through legitimate practices and having great to guide them through their weight reduction travel. The other target business sector might be individuals looking to prepare and increase muscle estimate and in addition bulky quality. The other assembly of individuals might be lady, men and adolescents that are searching for great cardio sessions with a qualified mentor. The recreational center will expect to give these assemblies of individuals with the offices and great

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Human Resource Management Essay Example for Free

Human Resource Management Essay Human resource is an extremely vital element in the success of any company. No corporation can attain prosperity if they do not take interest to develop their human capital. (Klose, 1993) This is the reason it has become significant to correctly administer the employees by evaluating their performance on a regular basis, provide them with proper training sessions, assisting them in accomplishing organizational goals and make sure the talent and expertise is retained within the organization. First off all it is essential for a company to pay competitive pay scales so it can attract loads of skillful people as a company always wants talented people to be a part of their corporation. Additionally the human resource department should evaluate the performance of employees regularly and in an accurate manner. Since a wrong appraisal of the employees is worst than having no appraisal at all. (Woods, 2005) The aim of the human resource department should be to provide incentive to employees on the basis of the quality of their work. A 360 degree method of appraising employees should be used; this includes getting feedback from coworkers, team leaders, supervisors and customers. This approach provides realistic views for the human resource department and they are able to judge the performance of the employees in an effective manner. The human resource department should give people possessing extraordinary skill a chance to prosper and develop. It is the duty of the HR department to make use of the human capital in the most appropriate way. As the employees are the assets of the organization hence they should be retained within the boundaries of the organization. The organization should not only have the mission to achieve success but it should also take their employees on the road to prosperity. (Klose, 1993) Learning is a continuous process and it should be constantly encouraged at the workplace. It has been proved that 70% of the things an employee learns is through informal ways. Hence organizations nowadays are giving more significance to informal modes of learning as compared to the formal ways. Volpe Marsick, 2000) Additionally proper training is also essential, for this purpose classes on conflict management and decision making should be provided to employees. The objective of these training is to equip the employees with a range of skills and capabilities so that they can prove to be more resourceful for the organization and have a collection of skills that adds to their value. The human resource department should help motivate the employees by providing them with monetary and non monetary rewards. They should ensure that the employees like their work and are satisfied with the organization. (Klose, 1993) The HR department formulates policies for the workplace they should develop just polices to ensure that the organization is giving appropriate rights to the employees. Moreover the policies should be free from any gender, age, color, disability discrimination. Also an employee facing any problem of that sort should be comfortable in expressing it to the HR department so it could take immediate actions to resolve such issues. Additionally their should be a proper rule book which contains the rules and regulations of the workplace so every employee is aware of the penalty they will get for breaking the rules. The rule book of the organization is very vital as it acts as authentication of why the employees was terminated or given a punishment. (Woods, 2005) To conclude, in today’s world the role of HR is increasing day by day as it has become highly important to attract capable people and retain them. Hence HR should ensure that the employees are satisfies with their work, the benefits they get and the work environment.