Thursday, October 3, 2019

Human Resource Management Essay Example for Free

Human Resource Management Essay Human resource is an extremely vital element in the success of any company. No corporation can attain prosperity if they do not take interest to develop their human capital. (Klose, 1993) This is the reason it has become significant to correctly administer the employees by evaluating their performance on a regular basis, provide them with proper training sessions, assisting them in accomplishing organizational goals and make sure the talent and expertise is retained within the organization. First off all it is essential for a company to pay competitive pay scales so it can attract loads of skillful people as a company always wants talented people to be a part of their corporation. Additionally the human resource department should evaluate the performance of employees regularly and in an accurate manner. Since a wrong appraisal of the employees is worst than having no appraisal at all. (Woods, 2005) The aim of the human resource department should be to provide incentive to employees on the basis of the quality of their work. A 360 degree method of appraising employees should be used; this includes getting feedback from coworkers, team leaders, supervisors and customers. This approach provides realistic views for the human resource department and they are able to judge the performance of the employees in an effective manner. The human resource department should give people possessing extraordinary skill a chance to prosper and develop. It is the duty of the HR department to make use of the human capital in the most appropriate way. As the employees are the assets of the organization hence they should be retained within the boundaries of the organization. The organization should not only have the mission to achieve success but it should also take their employees on the road to prosperity. (Klose, 1993) Learning is a continuous process and it should be constantly encouraged at the workplace. It has been proved that 70% of the things an employee learns is through informal ways. Hence organizations nowadays are giving more significance to informal modes of learning as compared to the formal ways. Volpe Marsick, 2000) Additionally proper training is also essential, for this purpose classes on conflict management and decision making should be provided to employees. The objective of these training is to equip the employees with a range of skills and capabilities so that they can prove to be more resourceful for the organization and have a collection of skills that adds to their value. The human resource department should help motivate the employees by providing them with monetary and non monetary rewards. They should ensure that the employees like their work and are satisfied with the organization. (Klose, 1993) The HR department formulates policies for the workplace they should develop just polices to ensure that the organization is giving appropriate rights to the employees. Moreover the policies should be free from any gender, age, color, disability discrimination. Also an employee facing any problem of that sort should be comfortable in expressing it to the HR department so it could take immediate actions to resolve such issues. Additionally their should be a proper rule book which contains the rules and regulations of the workplace so every employee is aware of the penalty they will get for breaking the rules. The rule book of the organization is very vital as it acts as authentication of why the employees was terminated or given a punishment. (Woods, 2005) To conclude, in today’s world the role of HR is increasing day by day as it has become highly important to attract capable people and retain them. Hence HR should ensure that the employees are satisfies with their work, the benefits they get and the work environment.

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