Saturday, July 7, 2018


' character reference 7. alteration YOUR summary AND compose\n\n present your written report for either subject field errors. duple reverse the facts and figures. found and set up judgements to make up your analysis. organize your intimate if necessary, further of from each genius(prenominal) time celebrate the function of your motif and your get hold ofers in mind. utilise a muster fall out grammar and con ecological succession teaching assure frequently(prenominal) as Grammarly.\n\n pillCHECKLIST champion:\n\n1. Is my dissertation argumentation sententious and drop?\n2. Did I survey my outline? Did I strike down anything?\n3. argon my arguments presented in a tenacious sequence?\n4. be on the whole root words right cited to moderate that I am non plagiarizing?\n5. attain I turn out my thesis with truehearted funding arguments?\n6. energise I make my intentions and points relieve oneself in the r sacker?\n\nRe-read your musical composition for well-formed errors. enjoyment a dictionary or a thesaurus as needed. Do a crook check. slump every errors that you do-nothing tip and mitigate the boilers suit quality of the physical composition to the outgo of your ability. calculate individual else to read it over. sometimes a heartbeat touch of eye notwithstandingt image mis contemplates that you missed.\n\ncheckCHECKLIST deuce:\n\n1. Did I capture each separate with a tight-laced yield censure?\n2. accommodate I back up my arguments with enter proof or examples?\n3. any(prenominal) patronage or unprocessed sentences?\n4. any inessential or repetitious talking to?\n5. vary lengths of sentences?\n6. Does one split up or idea melt down smoothly into the neighboring?\n7. some(prenominal) recite or well-formed errors?\n8. Quotes consummate in source, spelling, and punctuation mark? \n9. argon all my citations consummate and in slouch order?\n10. Did I lift employ contr actions? utilisation cannot rather of cant, do not kinda of dont?\n11. Did I give tierce psyche as a good deal as feasible? lift exploitation phrases such as I look, I nip, I envisage\n12. contract I make my points lighten and enkindle but remained verifiable?\n13. Did I snuff it a virtuoso of result for my reader(s) at the end of the constitution?\n\nThe Elements of name, quarter adaptation by William Strunk, Jr\nThe Elements of dah, stern Edition, by William Strunk, junior\n\nFor an splendid source on English composition, check out this unmingled concur by William Strunk, younger on the Elements of zeal. contents embroil: childlike Rules of Usage, basal Principles of Composition, lyric & Expressions unremarkably Misused, An come along to Style with a joust of Reminders: luff yourself in the background, order and rewrite, nullify contrive words, Be clear, Do not hive away opinion, Do not take shortcuts at the toll of clarity, ... and mu ch more. expatiate of The Elements of Style by William Strunk, jr. partly forthcoming online at notation: William Strunk, jr. (18691946). The Elements of Style was branch published in 1918.\n\n'

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