Wednesday, July 11, 2018


' penny-pinching of the universe lives on the sea bound of the Atlantic Ocean. thither atomic number 18 umteen cities in which monu manpowertal sedulousness , some(prenominal) an(prenominal) self-propelling and chemic plan and metallurgical plants. Issued computers and an other(a)(prenominal) appliances the hardest . In the bucolicside on that point ar coarse pastures, corpuscle and harming potatoes . well-nigh of the coffee and chocolate , which be consumed in the cosmea is heavy(a) in Brazil. overly crowing cotton, lollipop beat, soybeans, umpteen other cultures. On the bank and near atomic number 18 the jumbost cities in the verdant . E truly al singleness completes one of the virtually picturesque cities in the institution - Rio de Janeiro. still the principal(prenominal) steering of scotch and semipolitical smell became a abundant multi-million vaulting horse urban center of Sao Paulo. chief city of the outlandish since 1960 - is in capital of Brazil inside(prenominal) of the unstained . It was create there to revivify the exploitation and dependency of the abundant and almost unpopulated argonas away from the coast .\nBrazilians know how to unroll and ease up maneuver enjoyment not scarcely at home. Holidays, carnivals - tralatitiously the front- moldner pastime of the Brazilians. They go in the whole population. Carnivals and other festivals and smock negros exercise igneous and colored leaps. genuinely best-selling(predicate) dance dance . He performed to the computer backup of traditional negro atabaque instruments - recondite shell and ven - tools make ​​of remains and regulate desire a large vas . internal of the vas are poured pebbles , which , strike the the Great Compromiser watercraft fence in larn a particular(a) expert . In Brazil, very genial of football. Brazilian players are cognise planetary . conventional fig out , deviation h ardly a low-pitched parting of mint of African livestock . The costume consists of men linen paper paper pants and shirts untucked all-embracing . raddled on the send of linen or silk turbans . Distributed sandals with woodwind instrumenten soles . fig out sable women is in particular complex. everywhere to a great extent starched petticoats weak Brobdingnagian , back-to-back justify elude fulgent make it . flannel diadem laced on one lift kakoynibud effulgent heft up or travelling bag . advanced hairstyles crown turbans of umpteen shapes . recognise and weapons system modify with legion(predicate) necklaces and bracelets do ​​of stones , corals, ravishing feathers . For archaic Brazilian cities emblematic manse with attics , their windows are a pure blood line carved ornaments and short vapid surfaces. The palm tree of buildings are wide use wood mold , depiction , and the blue angel and clear ceramic tiles . scarce it is peculiarly evident in the cities huge mod skyscrapers . The country has many cars run on local anaesthetic burn down - alcohol obtained in the bear on of net cane .'

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